1. bajisima

    Rand Paul to lead second trip to Moscow

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is planning to lead a U.S. delegation to Moscow on Monday. Paul and other lawmakers will reportedly meet with Russian members of parliament, senior lawmaker Konstantin Kosachov said on Thursday. Paul wrote about the trip to Russia in a Politico op-ed last month, in...
  2. OldGaffer

    Republicans on Russia trip face scorn and ridicule from critics at home And it looks like scorn and ridicule from Russian State Television..MAGA
  3. Friday13

    EPA chief's aides, security agents made $45,000 trip to Australia

    He needs an "advance team" to fly to an allied nation? Who the fuck does this guy think he is? He needs to go...yesterday...and repay the taxpayers for all this bullshit. Exclusive: EPA chief's aides, security agents made $45,000 trip to Australia
  4. Friday13

    Trump sons' Dubai trip costs taxpayers at least $73,000

    Yeah...they went to a wedding and 'inspected' a Trump golf course. Two 'adults' on 'family business'...they can well afford their own 'security'. No one is really interested in these clowns...why are we subsidizing the family business? Trump sons' Dubai trip costs taxpayers at least $73,000
  5. PACE

    Donald Trump Jr. to give foreign policy speech on Unofficial business trip to India?

    No,,, just no..... Where's congress??? this is bullshit...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    "Stormy" weather? Trumps 13TH wedding anniv. spent apart & she xx'ls Davos trip.

    She posted a picture of HERSELF, no Donald in the picture. Wonder if she KNEW? Or did she find out along with the rest of America? Boy thank God her name isn't HILLARY, they'd be BLAMING HER FOR HIS FUCKING AROUND. They'd be blaming her for having to make the $130K PAYOFF. Stormy Weather...
  7. L

    On wedding anniversary, melania trump cancels trip with president to davos

    By graham lanktree on 1/23/18 at 3:53 am First Lady Melania Trump has cancelled plans to join President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to mark the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary. Trump is set to speak Friday at the annual gathering of world and business...
  8. PACE

    trump's DAVOS trip now in flux due to shutdown

    Good, he doesn't need to go, he's never run a public owned company, and really knows nothing about business, except to hire "goon squad six pack of lawyers" Stay out trump, leave the work to the professionals, you aren't one of them...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP military team for ASIA trip busted for 'improper contact' with foreign women.

    Does anyone remember when some of Obama's guys entertained (hired?) some hookers and the boards went apeshit declaring they had no respect for the 'The Kenayn' or was it 'The black one' or was it just the Democrat?? So what's this teams excuse? But hell, SINCE THEIR PRESIDENT loves to grab...
  10. boontito

    President Trump's Trip to Asia

    President Trump dropped in on Japan yesterday... Trump arrives in Japan, first in five-country Asian tour - CNNPolitics Does anyone know if Donald Jr. or Eric went along as part of his entourage? I only ask because I'm working on this Fat Man and Little Boy joke.
  11. PACE

    Dossier states that Russia funded Stein's and Page's trip to Moscow
  12. the watchman

    Melania Trump addresses bullying in surprise trip to Michigan

    Melania Trump addresses bullying in Michigan - CNNPolitics
  13. The Man

    Penguins' planned White House trip is 'embarrassment'

    Retired enforcer Georges Laraque: Penguins' planned White House trip is 'embarrassment' I saw letters to the editor in Canadian papers today, calling people to boycott any Penguins games in Canada... And, keep in mind, this is Sidney fucking Crosby we are talking about, Team Canada...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    Billionaire Munchin ask for a MILITARY jet for European honeymoon & an eclipse trip

    So the billionaire and his #3 trophy wife can't charter a plane to go on their European honeymoon? We have to pay? What does that have to do with his role as a Treasury SEC. He doesn't have a secure enough phone to talk to WAS? And what the hell does a trip to see the eclipse have to do with...
  15. the watchman

    French Protesters Plan ‘No Trump Zone’ During Bastille-Day Trip.

    Activists from the "Paris Against Trump" group announced a series of events Monday designed to let Trump know he wasn't welcome. On the eve of the holiday, which the French simply call "14 juillet," there will be a "No Trump Zone" featuring music and dancing in the Place de la Republique, one...
  16. OldGaffer

    British having a discussion of Trump's foreign trip Melania's favorite outfit, "widow in waiting"
  17. Babba

    Allies give blunt reviews of Trump's foreign trip

    He's destroying trade and political alliances, friendships and the balance of all those things that had been built up over decades. It had brought about unprecedented peace and stability. But like the ignorant bull in a china shop that he is, he's demolishing all of that. And he's too stupid to...
  18. O

    Was Trump's overseas trip a success?

    Grandiose, eh? With no basis in reality. So, to recap: 1. the French think Trump's a dictator, 2. the Germans think he's unreliable 3. the British think he can't be trusted with intel. 4. The Israelis think he gave away their secrets, 5. Saudis think...
  19. GordonGecko

    New Gallup Poll- Trump's overseas trip a huge success for him at home-

    Nawww....just funnin' ya. Gallup Date- 5/21 - 5/23 Polled- 1500 A Approval- 39% Disapproval- 55% Spread...-16 W-SDRWPR
  20. DebateDrone

    Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia for first foreign trip

    Good question. Why did Donald Trump choose to go to a Mulim Country where women are subjugated and gays are thrown off roof tops? The home of many of the 911 attackers. This is what ABC News has... Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia for first foreign trip - ABC News So once again this master of...