1. GordonGecko

    Given the whole Trump anti-Cruz Birther stuff......history trivia question-

    Who was the first U.S. President actually born in "the United States"*? *(not an "American Colony of Great Britain")
  2. Bourne

    Warfare Trivia

    Devil 505 and I wanted to get away from the political campaigns and have a little fun. So here we go with another military trivia thread. Any war, any military figure. Easy first question. What is on top of what used to be Hitler's bunker?
  3. Tedminator

    American Civil War history trivia time!

    Time for another history trivia thread! This time its about the American Civil War aka "War Between the States", or "War of the Rebellion", or "War for Southern Independence", or "War of Northern Aggression", or "Freedom War", or "War of Secession". whew thats a lot of names, and to some of you...
  4. NewPublius

    Trivia Question

    I think this is a good trivia question, we'll see. Its a hard one so actually I WILL allow google for it. Identify this:
  5. Zaragunudgeyon


    In the 70's and 80's when the South African army was very formidable their unofficial motto was "30 days to Cairo" meaning they could fight their way up thru Africa to the Med in short order if they wanted to.
  6. Devil505

    Space Trivia

    I've been a space buff all my life & with the incredible success of the Mars landing last night I figured this topic may be interesting. I'll start: (no Googling the answers please) Who was the first American to "Walk" in space? (took place during the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965)
  7. Devil505

    Year 2020-Tough Trivia Questions

    1. Who was the Republican Presidential candidate that lost decisively to Barack Obama back in 2012? 2. In what year did this take place?
  8. Bourne

    Vietnam War Trivia

    We've had some fun with a WWII trivia thread. Let's try a Vietnam War trivia thread. Ask any relevant question, give the respondents a reasonable period of time to formulate an answer and, as always, no fair using google or any other search engine as an aid. That said, I'll kick off the thread...
  9. boontito

    Political Trivia

    In the last 50-ish years: The average age of a Democratic President (Kennedy, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama) at the time of their inauguration: 48.6 The average age of a Republican President (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush) at the time of their inauguration: 60.8
  10. Z

    Trivia time

    When Nephi was wandering in the wilderness, what did he break?