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    Bush: Bible probably not true

    Bush: Bible 'probably not' literally true US President George W. Bush said in an interview Monday that the Bible is "probably not" literally true and that a belief that God created the world is compatible with the theory of evolution. "I think you can have both," Bush, who leaves office...
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    Creepy and disturbing true, but with huge recreational possibilities

    Scientists Report Mental 'Body-Swapping' LINK How to Use Neuroscience to Become Your Avatar LINK Swedish researchers create body-swap illusion LINK
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    Let Us Remember the True Meaning of Thanksgiving Before It’s Abolished

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
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    Happy 90th Birthday to Sen. Robert Byrd, a true southern gentleman

    Robert Byrd turned 90 on Nov 20th. He is the oldest serving Senator and has the longest tenure. He is a true southern inspiration. Happy birthday Sen Byrd. He has had a outstanding career. We need more people like him in Washington. West Virginia Blue:: Happy 90th birthday Senator Byrd!
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    Do you think this is true??

    may have gift cards or have purchased gift cards to some of these stores > listed and know that you would not want to get stuck with them if those > stores listed do go out of business in your area. CircuitCitystores... most recent (? how many)> > Ann Taylor- 117 stores nationwide are to be...
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    McCain Finally Show True Colors

    He's a nasty old man who thinks we owe him the Presidency. Too bad GW Bush hadn't displayed his true self before he was elected once & appointed President once.
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    True or False: the need for the bailout was real

    Was the economy going to collapse last Friday if the bailout was not passed? Maybe it was going to collapse Tuesday? Was the banking industry going south to such a degree that it was going to bring down the whole economy? did we need the bailout?
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    Russia-Europe-USA conflict true analysis

    I still can not understand !!!! Why Europe follows the Americans when they depend from Russian Gas and Petroil. Russians Help Europe, try to have good relationships and what we are doing? Just follow the Bush's imperialistical ideas. And.. did they really understoond that was first Georgia to...
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    It's true!!!

    The pictures have been posted. Apparently the Enquirer managed to sneak a camera into John Edward's room along with a photographer to secretly photograph John Edwards and his love child! This picture, despite looking like the least conclusive proof of all time, quite obviously shows that...