1. Macduff

    Tuesday primary results

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about this. In South Carolina, Democrats nominated a wife beater for a Congressional seat. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/democrat-archie-parnell-who-once-beat-his-ex-wife-easily/article_8cc18420-69af-11e8-92d8-83537e8e8037.html Don't be so smug...
  2. Darkman

    Trump to reveal Iran nuclear deal decision on Tuesday

    Trump to reveal Iran nuclear deal decision on Tuesday Trump to reveal Iran nuclear deal decision on Tuesday
  3. M

    Fat Tuesday

    Happy Fat Tuesday, America! To be followed by Morbidly Obese Wednesday. Then Diabetes Thursday. Let's face it, Americans are fat every day. Enjoy!
  4. PACE

    DOJ secretly invited reporters to view texts from ousted FBI agents on Tuesday night

    This,,, is seriously grimy, during an ongoing investigation and an investigation by the inspector general. Caligula lives Strzok Page texts in Mueller Russia probe were viewed by reporters at DOJ - Business Insider
  5. bajisima

    Maine gov wont expand Medicaid even after ballot passed Tuesday

    Not unexpected with LePage. Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said Wednesday his administration will not expand Medicaid until the state finds a way to pay for it, a day after voters approved a ballot measure to broaden the program. “Credit agencies are predicting that this fiscally irresponsible...
  6. DemoWhip

    Mitch McConnell had a very, very bad Tuesday

    Yep, the Mitcher is walking around again with a long face. Just recently he was so sure his guy, Strange, would win. He didn't. Now, if Moore wins the General Election in December McConnell is going to be given plenty of headaches as well as Trump. Though Trump is trying to make light of the...
  7. Saladin3

    trump headlining Rally Tuesday

    Poor trump he has been getting his fat ass kicked lately...So he runs back to his base of White nationalist uneducated morons....Security better be tight....Lots of "counter protesters" ready to show...Some might get in to heckle him...He'll get mad no doubt...Maybe he'll pardon that fat ass...
  8. PACE

    will trump pardoning arpaio on tuesday?

    that would be an unwise move Victims Wonder Why Arpaio Let Sex-Abuse Cases Languish | Phoenix New Times
  9. DemoWhip

    Sessions to testify publicly before Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday

    That should be quite interesting to watch. No doubt the sparks will fly in some parts of the session! ---------------------------------------- Sessions to testify publicly before Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday - ABC News By Adam Kelsey and BENJAMIN SIEGEL
  10. Southern Dad

    Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Tuesday Tweet from the POTUS

    I know that there are some here who do not follow the president on Twitter. About 15 minutes ago, he tweeted: "Big announcement by Ford today. Major investment to be made in three Michigan plants. Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!" In just 15 minutes it has been retweeted...
  11. libertariat720

    Tuesday at 9 on CNN: Cruz v. Sanders on Healthcare

    This is what the presidential race should have looked like. I'm really looking forward to this debate. It should be interesting. Cruz and Sanders are basically diamterically opposed philosophically on healthcare issues. Sanders, Cruz to face off in debate over future of ObamaCare | TheHill
  12. DemoWhip

    Gov-Elect: North Carolina Will Repeal LGBT Law on Tuesday

    Good for Governor-Elect Cooper in doing this! It obviously takes a Democrat to do away with discriminatory, prejudiced and bigoted laws! He is obviously more interested in attracting and keeping money within his state than in the sour, embittered and nasty politics that can only serve to drive...
  13. Madeline

    It'll Be Two Years on Tuesday

    That two evil fuckwhits on the Cleveland Police Department murdered Tamir Rice, a 12 year old. These two killers are still on the police payroll, though neither one ever leaves the stationhouse to carry out any police duties. I don't want to go to a memorial for Tamir. I want to go to a...
  14. the watchman

    Republican Darrell Issa’s Long Congressional Career at Risk on Tuesday.

    The long political career of Rep. Darrell Issa will be on the line when North County voters go to the polls Tuesday following a bitter campaign against former Marine Col. Doug Applegate, a Democrat. Issa, first elected to Congress 16 years ago, won a bare majority of votes in the June primary...
  15. Davocrat

    Whatever happens on Tuesday...

    It's going to suck. NOT because of the "lesser of two evils" bullshit, either. It's going to suck because we're going to hate each other even more. Congress will show no leadership. Business, I predict, will slump. Way to go.
  16. DemoWhip

    Tuesday's Democratic Primaries Tally

    As of this time: Hillary Clinton has now won 3 Primaries! California is still counting. Here are the latest numbers from California: With 32% reporting: Hillary Clinton: 62% Bernie Sanders: 37% Delegate-wise: Clinton: 67 Delegates Sanders: 1 Delegate
  17. G

    Tuesday Jun 7th Democratic primary results and Predictions.

    New Jersey..Clinton +20.5 points. RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - New Jersey Democratic Presidential Primary California...Clinton +2 points. RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - California Democratic Presidential Primary!
  18. the watchman

    Super Tuesday.

    (CNN)Donald Trump can't lock up the Republican nomination Tuesday -- but he can counter his two opponents' divide-and-conquer strategy and reassert his dominance in the race by running the table in five states. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, could finally start to see the finish line. If she's able...
  19. OldGaffer

    Bernie projected to win Rhode Island Tuesday.

    It looks like he is projected a 62% chance to win tomorrow. http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/election-2016/primary-forecast/rhode-island-democratic/
  20. Southern Dad

    Tuesday 22nd Republican primary and caucus results.

    Tuesday 22nd Republican primary and caucus results. RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - Arizona Republican Presidential Primary Arizona RCP polls has Trump at +13 (58 delegates at stake) New Utah poll shows Ted Cruz with commanding lead | fox13now.com Utah 40 delegates at stake