1. Coyote

    Tragically Hilarious News

    As I look at 45's Twitter timeline tonight, it occurs to me that America has jumped the shark. Unlike the infamous Happy Days episode from which this phrase originated, we're doing it in relative slow motion. At this point in the show the tow boat is coming around for the final lineup to the...
  2. Coyote

    Parents harass TG child on Twitter

    And who here could forget the time that Alt-Jesus said, "Let the little children be mutilated and murdered, for the Kingdom of God belongs not to such as these"? -Alt-Matthew 19:14 (NAV) (Twitter thread with screenshots from Facebook)...
  3. the watchman

    Trump Insulted LeBron James on Twitter. Now His Wife May Visit James’ School

    Melania Trump’s spokeswoman said the first lady is “open to visiting” basketball star LeBron James’s new $8 million school in Ohio for low-income and at-risk students, after the president derided James’s intelligence on Twitter. “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf...
  4. excalibur

    Former Marvel Director Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia

    And who is now causing her this distress? Hollywood is sure full of sickos. Former Marvel Director Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia Jokes Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Lexi Alexander is asking why Hollywood is fixated on cracking pedophilia jokes after...
  5. J

    James Gunn - So sick of the Twitter outrage

    Director James Gunn fired from 'Guardians 3' over old tweets...
  6. Ian Jeffrey

    Twitter addiction

  7. Singularity

    Russian with ties to NRA arrested, charged with conspiracy

    More important is, from the indictment: This is the first official confirmation that Mueller believes at least one American knowingly established ties in late fall 2016 with Russia on the GOP's behalf, and that they know who this person is.
  8. Minotaur

    Trump and Russian's Unite On Twitter

    the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Oh Brother...
  9. bajisima

    Trump once again labels himself a "stable genius"

    This gets funnier and funnier...his twitter is the least stable thing he does.. Pres Trump called himself a “very stable genius” again on Thursday while discussing his social media habits after the NATO summit in Brussels. Trump was asked during a press conference if he will take to his...
  10. BDBoop

    Questions for Trump defenders is trending on Twitter

    So I thought I’d seek some answers. First off, from John Fugelsang: Why do you think DT and Ivanka did not move their own manufacturing back to the US as part of their "America first" campaign? Are you bothered that they outsourced their manufacturing to Mexico & China?
  11. boontito

    Twitter Mocks Alex Jones' Prediction Of Second Civil War

    Apparently, rabid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on Twitter with a warning that Democrats will be igniting a second Civil War on July 4th. Twitter users couldn't pass up the opportunity to mock him and the hashtag #SecondCivilWarLetters, written as notes home from the front, has taken off...
  12. the watchman

    Official White House Twitter takes aim at Kamala Harris, Harris responds

    The official White House Twitter account aimed a tweet at Senator Kamala Harris (D - Calif.) Monday, falsely accusing her of "supporting the animals of MS-13," a known gang organization. While it's not unusual for President Donald Trump to target those he views to be political opponents, nor...
  13. BDBoop

    Jeff Sessions says family separation is upheld by the Bible

    Apparently he doesn't know that these people were not charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. They've been denied due process. Nor does he know that this is not a Christian nation. You'll have to click through to see the video.
  14. Friday13

    Melanie Trump Finally Surfaces, Twitter Offers to Call the Cops.

    She's baaaaack...or is she? Melanie Trump Finally Surfaces, Twitter Offers to Call the Cops. My pick...
  15. BDBoop

    Twitter War: April Ryan vs Stephanie Grisham

    People Politics For those with a short memory, she's the one Sean Spicer told not to shake her head. Also the one Trump said should get ahold of the Congressional Black Caucus, because apparently all those black folk know each other.
  16. BDBoop

    Chelsea Manning ‘safe’ after Twitter suicide note

    Chelsea Manning 'safe' after tweeting alarming photo hinting at suicide - NY Daily News On iPad so cant link, quote and the like. The suicidal tweets have since been removed. I don’t know how to feel about this, having lost a family member to suicide.
  17. DemoWhip

    Houston police chief battles NRA in vicious Twitter feud amid school shooting fallout

    Houston police chief battles NRA in vicious Twitter feud amid school shooting fallout By EVAN MCMURRY ==================================================== Chief Art Acevedo is correct in what he says. He obviously cares more about the safety of school children and citizens, just as...
  18. bmanmcfly

    Twitter declared "designated PUBLIC forum" Looks like Twitter can no longer dance on that pin between being a public forum and controlled censorship. Could people now cite this case if Twitter infringes on the free speech on their public...
  19. RNG

    The twitter propaganda assault

    Over the past few days I have noticed more and more tweets apparently from reporters that are very complimentary to the Republican President, critical of the DOJ and FBI and absolutely scathing to Mueller. Starting yesterday (only because I hadn't bothered looking) I am noticing that these...
  20. The Man

    lol Twitter bans Cyrillic aphabet?

    Twitter Bans Bulgarians for Using Cyrillic in Crackdown on Russian Bots Wow. If they were trying to ban people posting in Arabic and justifying it with fears of terrorism, they'd be called racist, rightly. But this is a-ok, apparently.