1. T

    Melania Trump unable to attend G20 spouse events due to protests

    What? There are folks out there in that there Europe that do not care for trump or other world leaders? Shocker! Most amusing about this is she was going to tour a center dedicated to climate change, which, as we all know, is fake according to her husband. I can't imagine in her most gold...
  2. M

    Why is Obama unable to say "we are at war with militant Islam"?

    Muslims wiped peaceful Buddhists off the face of India. They would have done the same to Europe if peaceful Christians hadn't stood up to them. Militant Islam is also at war with peaceful Islam at this moment... doesn't he even care about them?
  3. Toldyaso

    Women Physically Unable to Pass Marine Corps Infantry Officer Training Course

    None of the 14 women who have attempted to pass the US Marine Corps Infantry Officer Training Course have been able to do so, and the reasons are purely physical/biological. They have been offered second chances to pass the grueling course, but none have been able to get past more than ONE...
  4. michaelr

    MSNBC's Democrat Pundit Still Unable To Sign Up For ObamaCare Via Phone Or Website

    MSNBC's Democrat Pundit Still Unable To Sign Up For ObamaCare Via Phone Or Website Wait a second, I thought is was so easy a dog accidentally signed up. If you go to the site, you will be stripped of all your personal data. It is written in the code. Also if you go there and don't finish it...
  5. P

    Warren unable to soothe Hill critics

    Republicans fear a 'super class of administrative elites" will run the agency she helped create. More...
  6. Charles Stover

    Defense Department unable to account for 8.7 of $9.1 billion in Iraq Development Fund

    The Defense Department is unable to account for $8.7 billion of the $9.1 billion in Development Fund for Iraq monies in received for reconstruction in Iraq. This according to a study published today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. "This situation occurred because...
  7. D

    Obama Supporter Unable to Name 1 Obama Accomplishment

    YouTube - Sen Watson Humiliated, Unable to Name 1 Obama Accomplishment Sen. Watson's responses to Chris Matthews's questions seem to be representative of the Obama campaign as a whole. :laughing:
  8. T

    Ambulances in Gaza unable to run due to fuel shortage

    Gaza – Ma'an – Ambulances in the Gaza Strip ran out of fuel on Monday due to the reduction of fuel shipment from Israel to Gaza. The ambulance and emergency service in the Palestinian Health Ministry organized a 'sit-in' for the ambulance drivers in protest against the Israeli decision to...