1. Daktoria

    Do Liberals Understand You Can't Have Customers Without Customs?

    I think Immanuel Kant put it best in terms of aesthetics: Kant: Aesthetics*[Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy] Basically, you can't design, manufacture, or distribute consumer goods without social values. It's our sense of "right and wrong" which inspires us to imagine forms to enjoy. Do...
  2. zam-zam

    I Really Don't Understand How Some People Are Wired

    If anyone can explain how someone could do this to their own daughter, you understand more than I do: ISLAMABAD – A Pakistani couple accused of killing their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid on her carried out the attack because she sullied the family's honor by looking at a boy, the...
  3. NonPartisanCapitalist

    Trying to get environmentalists to understand the conservative psyche

    As someone who considers themselves to be (fairly) economically conservative, I want to give you environmentalists an honest glare into how many/most econ. conservative minds, such as myself, roughly view the CO2 global climate change debate. This is (many of) our honest perspective on it. It...
  4. Ronin Tetsuro

    To understand a country's soul, you need only observe it's actions.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THlaMUq6MKU&feature=player_embedded Watch the whole thing. Understand what the rest of the world sees. Get angry and help change it.
  5. Justoffal

    What a relief to finally understand John Maynard Keynes.........

    You know I probably could have construed this on my own just from his general stated philosophies but reading an authoritative source on the matter cements my opinion of him as King of the Deadbeats.... Chief of this ring of homosexual revolutionaries was John Maynard Keynes, who eventually...
  6. meridian5455

    Mother of paralyzed Dallas robbery victim doesn’t understand why suspect was out on b

    Mother of paralyzed Dallas robbery victim doesn Dallas police arrest suspect in woman Of course, Obama will be calling his mother and expressing his sympathy for this terrible crime.
  7. Pragmatist

    I don't understand Santorum

    After hearing Santorum rail incessantly about how he would work to return to a culture with family values and children being born into homes with a mother and father, that's how it's supposed to be, and then then argue for policies that would create millions more children to be born into homes...
  8. a777pilot

    Now I Understand OWS

    Now I understand why these kids are so up set.
  9. jackalope

    What the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama

    He makes a series of arguments, and some of them are persuasive to me. Except this one: His apparent conclusion, that Obama would not have won that fight, I take issue with. Public opinion was strongly against them, and Boehner stated on a Sunday show that if he had no other choice, yes...
  10. jackalope

    English history: why we need to understand 1066 and all that

    An interesting article. It finishes by saying that the author has written a book on English history, 'short enough to be read in a sitting', which The Guardian is going to serialize. Hopefully, I'll remember to look for it at some point, b/c I think it sounds pretty interesting.
  11. Cicero

    So help me understand this dichotomy, conservatives

    The right won the debt debate, and now stocks are tanking. The right won the budget debate, in April, and the economy got WORSE. The right won the debate over extending the tax breaks to the richest 2% in December 2010...and the economy continued to "auger in." Call me silly, but I think I'm...
  12. Towski

    Santorum on McCain: He Doesn't Understand How Enhanced Interrogation Works

    Ok, yeah, it's out of context. Still gave me a wry smile and a headshake. Here's the full quote and link: The Hugh Hewitt Show
  13. Macduff

    Does President Obama understand history?

    Power Line - Obama as political historian
  14. frodly

    Things you don't understand

    A little request before I begin. Make the things you don't understand as non-partisan as possible. Please don't say things like "I don't understand how someone could be conservative/liberal" or anything else along those lines. Alright, here goes I don't understand why when they make...
  15. Blueneck

    I don't understand how this works

    Florida's new governor is planning on fixing the budget by cutting costs by $5 billion and lowering taxes by $4 billion. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how this strategy gets you out of the hole. :confused: To add to the problems they already have, they've got 12% unemployment already...
  16. M

    Help me understand something about unemployment

    This is all related to the bloomberg article found here: U.S. Payrolls Miss Forecast, Showing Labor Market Recovery May Take Years - Bloomberg So the unemployment rate fell to 9.4%.......okay According to this article, Payrolls increased by 103,000, which was less than the median...
  17. S

    I still don't understand marijuana legalization people.

    I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase that the only people who support marijuana legalization are people who smoke it. While that is in fact true, atleast for the most part, I still don't understand the potheads. Sure, they want it to be legal so they can get their fix, and continue using...
  18. T

    I don't understand

    This is a question I have been thinking about for a long time and something I have never understood. I want to first get out of the way that I am a Christian so there shouldn't be any confusion on that front. The question I have is related to the relation of so called"liberals" to Christianity...
  19. T

    I understand the reasons behind legalizing marijuana but...

    I just cannot support such a thing because I don't smoke pot and I'm sure everyone else who doesn't smoke pot doesn't support it.
  20. C

    How can we understand people?

    How can we understand people? Comprehension is a hierarchy, resembling a pyramid, with awareness at the base followed by consciousness, succeeded by knowing, with understanding at the pinnacle. I have concocted a metaphor set that might relay my comprehension of the difference between...