1. OldGaffer

    Miami finally finding out what causes their city to be going underwater.

    GOP lawmaker says rocks falling into ocean to blame for rising sea levels Thank God we have these GOP legislators to help us understand science and technology..... http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/388161-gop-lawmaker-says-rocks-falling-into-the-ocean-is-causing-higher
  2. The Man

    Russia has nuclear armed underwater drone

    More: Russia Has Underwater Nuclear Drones, Leaked Pentagon Documents Reveal Bloody hell. All the big powers, instead of working to improve human life, they create new ways to kill people...
  3. GordonGecko

    Shortest "come-back" in history? Rasmussen has Trump back underwater on Approval-

    Rasmussen Reports Date- 4/16 - 4/18 Polled- 1500 LV Approval- 48% Disapproval- 52% Spread -4 (Dang, barely lasted a week. :) )
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Trump approval rating drops again! NOW underwater with 'white men'....

    It only dropped a point this week, no biggie right? Down to 34% from 35% last week. But now below 50% with white males. He already tanked last week with INDIES. At this rate it might take him all the way till AUGUST to get to 0%, right? I'm sure he'll be able to retain some type of his core...
  5. The Man

    China "stole" US underwater drone

    More: US Defense Official: Chinese warship stole US underwater drone - CNNPolitics.com
  6. johnflesh

    Underwater search for bin Laden's body to be launched

    Underwater search for bin Laden's body to be launched - International Business Times I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, even if you do believe Bin Laden is dead, proof never hurt. On the other hand, this guy is going out to prove a point and if he does find his treasure, he looks...
  7. michaelr

    About half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011

    About half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011 Don't forget what this means to the derivatives markets as well. I keep saying that were at the beginning of this disaster, and I am right. We will conflate with Mexico and China before it is done, that is if the gov does not just shut...