1. Madeline

    Interested In Universal Design?

    The term "universal design" means design for humans of any physical ability and any stage of life. I am going to remodel my bathroom this spring, due to a plumbing issue. As the project proceeds, I will make changes such that if I have to use a wheelchair down the road, I will still be able to...
  2. Minotaur

    My Own Vision Of What Universal Healthcare Might Look Like

    It won't come to pass any time soon but it is (as we have always known) in our future so what do you think it would look like? My own vision is that it is not merged into Medicare and is instead a solid stand alone Healthcare Universal Program. Here is a quick breakdown that is not without...
  3. Madeline

    Schumer, Pelosi & Clinton Attack Universal Health Care

    "Forced"? By whom? Because speaking up for the 99% is so "terrible". [/B] Whose side are these three REALLY on? Yours...or the US Chamber of Commerce's? NO ONE can be a liberal and fight to defeat the interests of the 99%...
  4. Madeline

    Universal Health Care For Americans Baby Ya!

    http://youtu.be/b2wadnl5AgI We want the power for the people That's all we ask in our country dear The sick and the hungry are unable Protect them and those who may live in fear We as the young wish to say in this song God bless great America We give thanks to the old for acheiving their goal...
  5. L

    A history of why the US is the only rich country without universal health care

    Annalisa Merelli July 18, 2017 snip So why does the US, the only industrialized nation without universal health coverage, also have not only the highest health-care spending in the world—both in absolute terms and as a share of GDP—but also one of the highest levels of government spending...
  6. PACE

    Teddy Roosevelt advocated Universal health care as part of the Bull Moose platform

    and of course, his progressives, and they WERE called progressives then, not progs, or whatever else the 4chan, reddit, freepers might call them, unsuccessfully campaigned on that in their states. A Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the US | Physicians for a National Health...
  7. ptif219

    The price tag on universal health care is in, and it’s bigger than California’s budge

    This is what conservatives have been saying universal healthcare is unaffordable. Universal healthcare will not work on the scale needed for the US Universal health care cost in California $400 billion a year | The Sacramento Bee
  8. T

    Trump praises Australia's universal health care after Obamacare repeal

    Amazing. After prattling on for months about how awful the ACA is, and how it is in it's death throes, followed by a celebration when he has a fairly meaningless vote to end it in the House and replace it with something totally shittier, Trump praises the universal basic coverage of Australia...
  9. MaryAnne

    Universal Health Care In Vermont

    I am waiting to see what Bernie says about this bill that went down in 2014. Open to discussions from those who witnessed this.:) really,what happened to the bill? http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/single-payer-vermont-113711
  10. C

    'Universal cancer vaccine’

    we can only hope this is the 'breakthrough' we have all been waiting for... 'Universal cancer vaccine’ breakthrough claimed by scientists Researchers have found a way to persuade the body's immune system to attack tumours – and it is largely free from side effects Ian Johnston...
  11. MaryAnne

    Doctors Call For Universal Health Care

    They feel the ACA does not go far enough. 'We need fundamental changes': US doctors call for universal healthcare
  12. Devil505

    Universal Healthcare should be deemed a Right by the SCOTUS

    Now that the SCOTUS has upheld SSM as a Right, they need to do the same thing for universal citizen's healthcare. No business should make money off someone's cancer or heart disease. Thoughts?
  13. Use Caution

    WA Initiative 594, Universal Background Check 3 weeks out, Is your kid worth it?

    So I wonder what the vote will be, just 3 weeks out. Think 594 has a chance to pass? [X] Yes, I want to give my kids a better chance to live past their school days. [ ] No, I want to give dumbass parents/an others NO background checks, so they can be given check free to their kids that go to...
  14. Truth Detector

    Universal Hot Crazy Woman Matrix - Explained

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aNcG2CAADfQ :eagerness:
  15. Devil505

    That this country still has no universal healthcare is disgraceful!

    Here's a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care (America's Still Not on It We spend more money on hc than any other country in the world (by far) & yet rank below Cuba. Problem is most of that money goes to corporate greed & bribes to politicians! Anyone have a different...
  16. Oscar99

    Background check bill to include universal CCW??????????

    Close vote seen on background checks on gun buyers I read that one of the amendments being voted on for this bill, will require all cities and states to recognize ALL concealed-carry permits. This means if Alaska allows anyone with two feet is allowed a CCW, New York will be required to honor...
  17. Oscar99

    Who is against universal background checks?

    Opinion: Why the NRA fights background checks - CNN.com follow the money, and the answers will follow. there is one group that will be seriously impacted by universal background checks, and that is the gun manufacturers. making it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to buy guns, will...
  18. bajisima

    Universal Orlando drops health insurance

    Universal Orlando drops health insurance for its part time workers due to the new healthcare act which won't allow its current insurance. I don't think I have ever heard of health insurance for part time workers before.. Universal Theme Park Will Drop Health Coverage For Its Part-Time...
  19. jackalope

    Gun debate 101: Time for 'universal' background checks on buyers?

    Universal background checks enjoy broad - supermajority territory broad - support in opinion polls, but are opposed by the NRA (leadership, not members). Surely this is an area that, except for NRA opposition, is uncontroversial. What say you - universal background checks? Or keep the gun...
  20. aboutenough

    George Zimmerman sues NBC Universal over edited 911 call

    CNN) -- George Zimmerman, charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Florida boy, sued NBC Universal on Thursday for using "the oldest form of yellow journalism" by editing an audio tape of his 911 call to make him sound racist, the lawsuit said. Zimmerman is seeking "damages in excess of...