1. Ian Jeffrey

    Unnecessary Star Trek episodes

    I just finished watching the ST:TNG episode "The Ensigns of Command." However, a large portion of the episode would not have been necessary had the Enterprise had a lawyer on board to interpret the rather complex treaty that caused the problem at the center of the episode. Thus, the story...
  2. Friday13

    Another Unnecessary Death by Cops

    On video... Arrested for sagging pants, Ervin Edwards tasered to death in custody; police lie in report
  3. Cicero

    And yet another, unnecessary, law is proposed

    'Think Before You Ink' Law May Put a 24-Hour Waiting Period on Tattoos, Piercings Sept. 8, 2013 By SUSAN SAULNY and ALEXIS SHAW Washington, D.C., lawmakers are considering a plan to save people from themselves by putting an end to those late-night stumbles into a tattoo parlor for some...
  4. meridian5455

    Holder calls Martin killing an 'unnecessary shooting

    Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday called the killing of Trayvon Martin a "tragic, unnecessary shooting," and said the Justice Department will follow "the facts and the law" as it reviews evidence to see whether federal criminal charges are warranted. Holder calls Martin killing an...
  5. The Man

    Unnecessary heroism

    Officer Who Dived on Grenade 'Saved Many Lives' | Russia | RIA Novosti Major Sergei Solnechnikov with his son Medics at the military hospital at nearby Belogorsk fought for his life for 1.5 hours, but could not save him. Now, mothers of his soldiers, along with many others, are demanding he...
  6. S

    The unnecessary totalitarianism that is school uniforms.

    Thank god school uniforms don't exist in most schools in America. I realize a couple Catholic/private schools have them. But if they ever hit public schools, there will be an open rebellion against the federal government of United States. A rebellion that will result in massive loss of life...
  7. J

    Bush legacy? Recession, unemployment and an unnecessary war

    ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- The buck stops here: This is Bush's recession, his legacy. It could be a chapter in a future edition of Jacob Weisberg's "The Bush Tragedy," with new comparisons to "Henry V" and other great Shakespearean tragedies. In a few sentences, the opening lines...