1. excalibur

    Insurers Warn Losses From ObamaCare are Unsustainable

    Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable | TheHill
  2. BoiseBo

    Harvard Study: Wealth gap is unsustainable

    Well no shit Sherlock ... you don't need to be a Harvard grad to have figured this out by now of course, but it doesn't hurt. ;-) BOSTON, Sept 8 (Reuters) - "We argue that such a divergence is unsustainable," according to the report, which was based on a survey of 1,947 of Harvard Business...
  3. bajisima

    FEMA chief: Nations flood insurance program unsustainable

    The nations head of FEMA issued a stark notice when he announced that the nations flood insurance program is unsustainable. "Craig Fugate, the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the Department of Homeland Security, said at a hearing of the Senate Appropriations...
  4. Raoul_Duke

    Why our situation is unsustainable...

    Total G7 consolidated debt was $80 trillion in 2003. In the next decade it has risen by $62.3 trillion to $142 trillion at the end of 2012. This is a stunning 80% increase in the total stock of world debt in just one decade. Total G7 consolidated GDP was $22 trillion in 2003. Over the past...
  5. Mordent

    Democrats, the party of unsustainable debt

    This says all that needs to be said.
  6. Dittohead not!

    Bernanke warns that the US debt is "unsustainable."

    A lot of the voters have come to that same conclusion. Is anyone listening? Bernanke warns U.S. of 'unsustainable' debt level
  7. R

    Both capitalism and socialism are unsustainable

    Both capitalism and socialism are unsustainable because they are growth economies and therefore cannot succeed within Earth’s ecology, which is a system with finite limits. This is one for the intellectuals amongest you to debate over. The reason... Earth’s Terminal Energy - ETE … WARNING...