1. Mister B

    El Presidente Intensifies Upcoming Trade Wars

    Get ready for our meager tax break to be eaten alive by rampant inflation. https://www.politico.eu/article/trump-trade-war-issues-new-trade-threat-to-eu/
  2. the watchman

    'Van hits pedestrians' on London Bridge in 'major incident'

    Police are responding to reports that a van has hit a number of pedestrians on London Bridge in central London. Witnesses have said that armed officers are understood to be at the scene after a white transit van mounted the pavement before driving into people. The Met Police say they are...
  3. Devil505

    Any tampering with the upcoming election will be from the Trump/Putin camp

    Google how the Russians are behind all the tampering tying to get Trump elected over HRC. If any Trump supporters blame his impending loss on voter fraud.......Bullshit!
  4. CEngelbrecht


    BBC Radio 4 - The Waterside Ape
  5. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump refuses to support Ryan or McCain in upcoming Republican primaries! FLAMES!

    Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is refusing to back House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in his upcoming primary election, saying in an interview Tuesday that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing his...
  6. Minotaur

    The Upcoming Convention Moment Will Move Me

    I've got to say before this starts and Hillary becomes the official candidate. I think I will give a few moments of silence for this historic moment that I thought I'd never see. November tells the rest of the story when the glass can be forever removed but for today, this is something I hoped...
  7. DemoWhip

    Elizabeth Warren to Call Donald Trump a 'Loud, Nasty, Thin-Skinned Fraud' in Upcoming

    Let's hear it for Senator Warren! It's about time someone with high stature in politics spoke up about this matter that right-wingers, including Trump, choose to conveniently misunderstand and misinterpret. Although born an American, his Mexican heritage should not be under attack. Judge Curiel...
  8. CEngelbrecht

    Cancel the use of electronic voting machines in the upcoming POTUS election

    US election 2016: out of date voting machines spark fears of another hanging chad fiasco - Telegraph Get it all back to paper, now, now, now. Electronic voting has proven the biggest threat to American and thus world democracy. This is supposed to be a joke, Yanks...
  9. Minotaur

    Lets Talk Upcoming Democratic Primary

    The dates and states are: 4/5/2016 Wisconsin 70 something possible delegates 4/9/2016 Wyoming 11 something possible delegates 4/19/2016 New York 230 something possible delegates This is how I suspect they will play this: Wisconsin is probably going to be close so they both win if that is...
  10. Minotaur

    Upcoming Democratic Primary

    The next multi-state primary comes on the 15th and the delegates up for grab for the Democrats total 691. I think it is safe to say Hillary will probably have Florida but she could really use a blowout there as the delegate count there is 246 and it is better to get the bulk of the delegates at...
  11. KnotaFrayed

    republicans and the upcoming elections....

    Having once been a Republican, I would like to see a return of what made that Party a Grand Old Party, but the neo faction moved in with an oxymoron, new (neo) conservatism, which essentially seems to be a version of bizarro world come to earth, where everything in the minds of neos is flip...
  12. PACE

    Elder council in Iran rejects majority of candidates in upcoming Feb elections

    This is a defining moment for Rouhanis: his support of the nuclear treaty is legendary; but the hard right in Iran, namely the religious right, are fighting for their relevance; I would imagine the younger voters in Iran, are not too sanquine about it. This is what happens when religious...
  13. Devil505

    Advice to voters for the upcoming 2016 elections.

    1. Only listen to positive ideas from either party as to how we can move forward. 2. Ask yourself..."How would that idea help me personally?" 3. Discard any smears from either side and demand all pols give you a reason to vote FOR them, not against their opponent.(smear of the day candidates...
  14. TGO

    How do you think Hillary Clinton will fare in the upcoming election?

    There are a lot of interesting developments in both the democrat and republican parties recently. Hillary once was deemed a shoe-in by many, and multiple polls supported that contention. How do you feel now? Will she win the nomination and presidency? Just the nomination? Not the nomination?
  15. Bourne

    The upcoming election: Economy v. Foreign Policy

    With the primary season looming, what will define the upcoming 2016 elections? The stagnant US economy or the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration. Frankly, I believe that Obama foreign policy failures will factor heavily in the upcoming primary.
  16. godlessheathen

    Let's Talk Upcoming Movies

    There are SO many movies that look like they're going to be awesome coming out soon. What are you looking forward to? Here are a few of mine. http://youtu.be/RuOx6EnyFEc
  17. justagurlinseattle

    Gerrymandering…. Upcoming Election …. What do you think of it???? and Why???

    1812. The governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, signed into law a “redistricting” plan, one that carved his political opponents into voting districts where they would have less ability to win. And on a map, the new districts looked like a salamander. A local newspaper combined the words...
  18. Snikitz

    Minnesota's upcoming Defense of Marriage vote.

    Voters set to decide on gay marriage in four U.S. states | Reuters Minnesota and a few other states will be putting gay marriage bans on the ballot this November. Excellent, it is an issue that needs discussed. The constitution starts out with "We the people," It does not say "We the...
  19. sparty

    New Hampshire town asks Obama campaign to pay for costs of upcoming visit

    It's about time Obama foots his own bill. New Hampshire town asks Obama campaign to pay for costs of upcoming visit | Fox News MyFoxBoston reports the town of Durham is asking Obama's campaign to reimburse the estimated $20,000 to $30,000 needed to fund additional police and fire safety...
  20. bajisima

    Upcoming NFL draft

    Looks like my neighbor Kendall Reyes (UCONN) will be drafted into the pros!!!! Way to go Kendall!!!