1. Blackbeard

    James all upset

    Carville: Best News for Democrats Is to Lose Obamacare Carville going off but Huckabee doesn't agree Carville does make an interesting point though, thoughts?
  2. HenryPorter

    Another Racism Thread: Some 'Hunger Games' fans upset that character of Rue is black

    I found this to be a little surprising that a main character in a popular movie should be black as cause for racist attacks. I suppose I shouldn't be. Since Obama's election we have been reminded constantly that to many, blacks aren't quite as equal as whites. "Even though the character of...
  3. meridian5455

    Mother Upset After Hooters Waitress Invited to Speak at Fla. School

    A Florida mother is upset that a Hooters waitress was a guest speaker at her son’s school Thursday during an annual event where members of the community come and talk to students about their careers. Waitress Brittany Morgan said she likes working with children and plans to get her college...
  4. Christopher

    Are Republicans More Upset About the Debt Deal?

    I found this interesting, particularly considering that I've seen many Democrats express their displeasure over the deal, to the point of considering not voting for Obama in the next election. Sounds like it was bad for both parties. Debt Ceiling | Polls | Republicans Upset | The Daily Caller
  5. TennesseeRain

    Conservatives upset over rapper Common's White House invite

    In other words, today's Faux Outrage: Sarah Palin is among the conservatives who are unhappy that the rapper Common will be part of a poetry event on Wednesday night at the White House. Their objection stems from a 2007 YouTube video of Common flagged by The Daily Caller. In the video...
  6. Spooky

    Tea Party Patriots Upset

    Tea Party Patriots Investigated: 'They Use You and Abuse You' | | AlterNet This is a pretty good article that shows how the Tea Party is going about doing what it is doing. It indicates that all is not well in that faction. Apparently they have been snookered by something calling itself...
  7. gypzy

    Upset predictions...

    So we are only a month out from election day... Do you think there will be an upset in your governorship, Senator or House? Do you think the Dems will pick up seats instead of the Reps? What's your prediction? And Devil, you know I don't do many of these strictly politics threads so I expect...
  8. TheHangingChad

    Massachusetts upset looming for the GOP

    While this might be a decent thing for Massachusetts in general. Now isn't the time. While we haven't sent a republican to the Senate in 40 years here in the Bay State, we could do better than a mindless Republican Automaton who'd be a party-line vote on every issue. The only issue I can see...
  9. Blueneck

    Seniors upset at not getting a COLA increase

    And it's not like they are struggling because they don't have jobs - they are retired. Now AARP is chiming in: It's a fucking bribe. No, actually it's extortion by AARP in return for support for health care reform. Bullshit...
  10. S

    Going to upset the global warmist faithful

    From the talk miester SOME NEWS ABOUT SEA ICE .. FOR YOU GLOBAL WARMERS - Nealz Nuze on SOME NEWS ABOUT SEA ICE .. FOR YOU GLOBAL WARMERS By Neal Boortz @ January 6, 2009 8:22 AM Permalink | Comments (7) | TrackBacks (0) This is going to be upsetting news to many of you out...
  11. R

    Why are liberals so upset about Libby?

    I don't get it. Clinton pardoned people for worse charges than what Libby did. I personally believe the power to pardon the convicted just because you are the prez is bull shiite.... but why the overly emotional outrage when Clinton did the same for people who commited ACTUALL crimes. Scooter...
  12. F

    New Hamsters Upset That Nevada Moves Caucus

    So who died and made New Hamster the electoral God? They don't have a constitutionally guaranteed position to be first in line. In fact, given the candidates they've been selecting, it would do the rest of the country good to reduce the emphasis the meida geeks put on New Hamster...