1. Southern Dad

    Businesses Moving into the Urban Areas?

    I find this story to be very interesting. Another giant employer mentioned is Caterpillar who is moving from Peoria to Chicago. Imagining some of the reactions to this story already... Crime? These corporations are moving to places like Chicago but are not moving to the high crime areas of...
  2. Madeline

    Urban Farming Fights Despair: The Story Of Chateau Hough

    Youngstown news, Cleveland vintner turned away from counterfeiting There is only one way to lift people out of poverty and despair: jobs. Jobs at sustainable, profitable businesses that can compete in the market not just on their "feel good" credentials but also on the quality of their...
  3. GordonGecko

    Ben Carson Warns That The Bible Makes No Mention Of Housing Or Urban Development-

    Ben Carson Warns That Bible Makes No Mention of Housing or Urban Development - The New Yorker :) See, here's the problem now. "Poe's Law" How can you REALLY tell that....that that's a parody....or if it's reality???
  4. Madeline

    Ohio Voting Laws Abused To Disenfranchise "Urban" Voters

    This article from Cleveland Scene magazine makes plain the various techniques the BOEs around the state of Ohio use to suppress voting by actual, registered citizens. The efforts directed at absentee ballots include using "cursive" on the envelope the ballot must be placed in before mailing...
  5. DemoWhip

    Trump proposed poll-monitoring in urban areas, so black voters are fighting back with

    This story should dispel any thoughts or beliefs in that Republicans, including Trump, are saying that Black Americans are voting in overwhelming numbers for Trump and Republicans. Is that why Republicans have garnered only 3% of the Black vote? African-Americans are also quite upset at the...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    WI County Clerk, don't expand voting hrs. gives urban areas "too much access"

    And their truth just comes OOZING out--kinda like pus. Gee, who's governor there?? Wisconsin county clerk objects to weekend voting because it gives urban areas ‘too much access’ David Edwards A Wisconsin county clerk testified in federal court this week that weekend voting should be...
  7. bajisima

    Urban Outfitters asks workers to work for free

    With the peak shopping season approaching, Urban Outfitters is asking its employees to pitch in a bit more on the weekends. But there's a catch: they won't get paid for it. "In an email obtained by Gawker this week, the Philadelphia-based retailer told salaried employees that it was looking...
  8. godlessheathen

    Polybius: Urban Legend or True Conspiracy?

    Now I'll start off by saying, I don't know, nor do I care. Everything presented in this video sounds good, but I haven't fact checked any of it. Just thought it was interesting. Basically Polybius was an arcade game that showed up in a town for a few months and disappeared and the kids who...
  9. meridian5455

    Urban Outfitters sells Hillary Clinton nutcracker

    Urban Outfitters is back in the spotlight again for their questionable product choices. This time it’s for the Hillary Clinton Nutcracker, an actual nutcracker in the shape of, you-guessed-it, Hillary Clinton. Urban Outfitters sells Hillary Clinton nutcracker
  10. Madeline

    Is There A Humane Way To Cope With Urban Deer?

    Humans cannot live safely with wild deer in their backyards. They broadcast the ticks that carry Lyme Disease, they can be aggressive with vehicles and pedestrians, and they damage valuable landscaping. I have a fundraiser underway to create a stockpile of tulip bulbs for my school kids to...
  11. bajisima

    Teen raped at a Keith Urban concert

    A teen girl was raped at a Keith Urban concert in Massachusetts where 20 concert goers had been hospitalized for being so drunk. The thing about this story is that patrons were able to prove the act after concert goers showed officers their videos they had taken on their cell phones. Damn...
  12. Justoffal

    Knock out game is proof of manhood for urban gang members.......

    Exposed: The left wing apologists who refuse to condemn the knockout game... " Aw....they're just kids having fun " " White people invented the game first! " " We can't really know if it's a hate crime....we just don't know " " You're a bigot and a racist ! " " Hey look these white kids killed...
  13. meridian5455

    Vermilion Parish Fourth-Grade Worksheet Using Urban Slang Raises Concern

    Fourth-Grade Worksheet Using Urban Slang Raises Concern And just how is it relevant for a 4th grader to learn about "pimps"?
  14. M

    The toll of urban sprawl

    Urban sprawl is destroying wildlife. Look at these pics: One of the saddest pics I've ever seen. Seeing it inspired me to make a visual post for a change, ala The Man. This poor little fox is lost, out of his element. Trying his best to survive in an environment that is completely alien to him...
  15. P

    Urban Dictionary - Definition Of The Day

    Whinging Pom
  16. lka

    Romney earned zero votes in some urban precincts

    President Obama's victory over Mitt Romney in last Tuesday's presidential election was driven, in part, by the president's strength in urban areas, where robust support cushioned the incumbent against electoral deficits in rural America. But almost a week after the election, it is now becoming...
  17. M

    Part of the changing urban geography

    Urban geography is one of the most rapidly expanding branches of human geography. “Before 1950” Johnston observes, “very few members of the academic world have called themselves urban geographers, and it was only a change of emphasis in geography as a whole after about 1955 that made urban...
  18. M

    Top Ten Problems with Urban Sprawl and Suburbia

    Urban sprawl creates many problems for the future of this country, and here are many of the reasons why. As reasoned by Dr. Jeffrey Roth. 1. Sprawl development contributes to the loss of support for public facilities and public amenities. Residents of sprawl communities have access to public...
  19. O

    National Guard to Train for Prison Duty for Urban America

    Celling point: Indiana National Guard would take old Warrick jail off town's hands | <b> VIDEO </b> : Warrick : Evansville Courier Press Watch the imbedded video. The National Guard guy ALMOST gave away the codename of the operation that authorized this, stopped himself, then repeated the...
  20. D

    Is The NAFTA Superhighway An Urban Legend?

    I've heard a lot about the supposed NAFTA Superhighway, the NAU, etc. around here for quite some time. Now I hear that it is all an "urban legend". Colbert mentioned the "urban legend" stories on his show the other night. I've been reading up and find numerous articles saying that there is...