1. bajisima

    CNNs Van Jones teams up with the White House on prison reform

    Little bipartisanship? CNN's Van Jones is teaming up with senior adviser to President Trump Jared Kushner to take on prison reform.
  2. M

    Van mows down pedestrians in Toronto.

    Looks to be a rental van. RYDER logo on the van is visible. Multiple injuries reported after van jumps the curb, plows into pedestrians. Driver in custody. Just now a-happening...
  3. The Man

    Van attack in Germany

    More: Germany van crash: Driver shoots himself after ploughing into crowd in Münster leaving three dead and over 30 injured
  4. M

    RIP Jerry Van Dyke

    Dead at 86. Younger brother of Dick Van Dyke. Co starred in the TV series "Coach".
  5. D

    'Dick Van Dyke Show' actress Rose Marie has died at 94

    'Dick Van Dyke Show' actress Rose Marie has died at 94 - ABC News By Lesley Messer and MARILYN HECK ==================================================== We will always remember funny Rose Marie! She was blessed to have been able to see her last Christmas. Sincere condolences to the...
  6. Thx1138

    Vintage Van Halen!

    Have you guys heard these? Thx :cool:
  7. D

    At least 1 dead in Barcelona terror attack after van hit crowd of people

    So, it's not just in the United States that these terrorist attacks are taking place. It is also in Europe, in Spain. One seldom hears that Caucasians have to worry as much about that as we do here but this story well exemplifies that they unfortunately most certainly do...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    FEDS bust Oklahoma City man planning to detonate van bomb blocks from Murrow Bldg.

    Those poor poor trodden white men who just can't get no respect. By God, I'll show em!! Yep, another one. Foiled, thank God and the FBI. Feds bust Oklahoma man for attempt to detonate car bomb blocks from 1995 Oklahoma City bombing ] SARAH K. BURRIS 14 AUG 2017 AT 12:34 ET Jerry Drake...
  9. T

    Trump: Greta Van Susteren fired for refusing MSNBC's 'Trump hate'

    Our mean girl president took to Twitter again this morning. Shocking, I know. This time to spout some made up nonsense about a talk show host, Van Susteren, being fired from MSNBC for not hating trump to sufficient levels. Indeed, this is how Trump spent his Saturday morning. Trump: Greta...
  10. bajisima

    Greta van Susteran out at MSNBC

    Only 6 months. MSNBC has parted ways with anchor Greta Van Susteren after just six months on air, as her show failed to live up to the network's ratings expectations. An MSNBC executive said the decision to remove the former Fox News host was purely for business reasons, based on ratings...
  11. the watchman

    'Van hits pedestrians' on London Bridge in 'major incident'

    Police are responding to reports that a van has hit a number of pedestrians on London Bridge in central London. Witnesses have said that armed officers are understood to be at the scene after a white transit van mounted the pavement before driving into people. The Met Police say they are...
  12. bajisima

    Greta Van Susteren lands a nightly show on MSNBC

    Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren will join MSNBC and host an evening news show called “For the Record with Greta” in the 6 p.m. ET timeslot, the network announced Thursday. Van Susteren has been mum about her next move since leaving Fox News in September after 14 years with the...
  13. bajisima

    Van Jones urges democrats to snap out of centrist trance

    CNN commentator Van Jones — guesting on “State of the Union” on Sunday — channeled many on the left in denouncing “the Clinton days” of the Democratic Party, which he said were characterized by centrism and unabashed corporatism. “You have to understand, I think, that the Clinton days are...
  14. L

    Van Jones rips DNC chair over rift between Sanders and Nevada Dems: ‘I think she made

    ARTURO GARCIA 17 MAY 2016 AT 23:25 ET CNN commentator Van Jones criticized Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on Tuesday for weighing in on the dispute between the Nevada Democratic Party and Sen. Bernie Sanders. “If you’re gonna come out, you’re gonna talk about violence, and...
  15. Michael J

    Van Allen Belt Conspiracy About Moon Landing

    The internet is full of conspiracy theories about the Moon landing. Some of them say cameramen manipulated the footage, which was really filmed in a studio instead of on the moon. It's all pretty bogus. But one theory that I don't know much about: The allegation that the space ship could not...
  16. Friday13

    RIP Dick Van Patten, 86

    Dick Van Patten, 'Eight Is Enough' Star, Dies at 86 (apologies if this was already posted...)
  17. Madeline

    Armoured Van Attacks Dallas Police HQ

    The Latest US and World News - From Twitter: I have watched video of the attack -- unbelievable. But I can't copy & paste it here,
  18. aboutenough

    Report: Gray died of broken neck suffered in van

    Sources told a Baltimore television station that the medical examiner found Freddie Gray died as a result of slamming his head against the inside of a police van, breaking his neck. The local ABC affiliate WJLA reported sources said the medical examiner’s report, contained in the police report...
  19. Goofball

    Prisoner in van with Freddie Gray: Gray was "banging head against walls during ride".

    Maybe all this concern the looters and rioters have been showing for Freddie has been misplaced. Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ?banging against the walls? during ride - The Washington Post
  20. meridian5455

    Clinton Scooby Doo Van Parked In Handicap Spot With Hillary's history of fainting spells and blood clots perhaps a handicapped placard is a good idea.