1. Singularity

    White House confirms hiring Fox News veteran who resigned in disgrace amid harassment

    Independent conservative commentators, including explicitly pro-Trump ones like Judicial Watch, have publicly begged and pleaded with Trump to not do this. He no listen... But hey, you know what? Fine. If Trump wants to publicly thumb his nose at the notion that powerful men should have...
  2. Dittohead not!

    This deported Marine veteran came home the only way he could – in a casket

    This deported Marine veteran came home the only way he could – in a casket "Some of them, I assume, are good people" Yes, they are, but we have to deport the anyway, even after they've served the country that rejected them.
  3. DemoWhip

    Deported U.S. veteran Hector Barajas-Varela returns home to be sworn in as a U.S. cit

    Deported U.S. veteran Hector Barajas-Varela returns home to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen By Gabe Ortiz ==================================================== At last justice has been served properly and Mr. Barajas-Varela is back home where he belongs especially after serving this...
  4. Ian Jeffrey

    Trump Could Feed Every Homeless Veteran

    Trump Could Feed Every Homeless Veteran [for two weeks] For the Cost of his Military Parade President Donald Trump's military parade is set to kick off on Veterans Day, but at a cost that even conservative estimates show could feed every homeless veteran for at least two weeks, a Newsweek...
  5. Singularity

    State Department loses 30-year veteran North Korea expert to early retirement

    Can't imagine why. Look, you can love or hate Trump. That's up to you. Do what you will, stick to your partisan corners as you like. But Rex Tillerson has presided over the *evisceration* of American diplomacy. Our international resources are absolute tatters. We cannot replace these people...
  6. Friday13

    Veteran's Day

    As always, a day late. Thank you to all the American Veterans of all the conflicts for your service, patriotism and valor. 111111
  7. the watchman

    "patriotic" Trump admin cuts millions from homeless veteran program.

    "patriotic" Trump admin cuts billions from homeless veteran program. you won't hear this reported on any cable news network. It's the sort of thing that operates under the radar. You have to be in touch with the programs effected. In this case, it's the HUDVASH program. Which is the Veterans...
  8. K

    Veteran owned Schilling Distributors taking down NFL Signs and Posters.

    A Sign of the times. Schilling taking down NFL signs - | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette The efforts to divide this nation on Race and foment political-racial hatred are failing. The efforts to paint President Trump as purely a politician of Racial Dimension are...
  9. bajisima

    Veteran patients in imminent danger at VA hosptial in Washington DC

    Conditions are so dangerous at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, D.C., that the agency's chief watchdog issued a rare preliminary report Wednesday to alert patients and other members of the public. The VA inspector general found that in recent weeks the...
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Killer Cop CLEARED of wrongdoing after shooting a veteran 'mistook wallet for GUN!

    Officer is CLEARED of any wrongdoing after shooting a veteran when he 'mistook his wallet for a weapon' Dashcam footage from a shocking officer-involved shooting in Alabama has emerged almost three years after the incident. Airman Michael Davidson was shot by Opelika police officer Phillip...
  11. Singularity

    Recently departed Director John Brennan, 25+ year espionage veteran, denounces Trump

    A-fucking-men. Easily the single most disgraceful thing a President from either party has ever done at a site dedicated to the nation's fallen. When you're at a memorial, politics stops. Candor stops. Laughter stops. Respect is the rule. ......."Former CIA [Director] Brennan is deeply saddened...
  12. the watchman

    Trump supporter gets meal taken away from Veteran at Chili's

    U.S. Army veteran Ernest Walker started recording video when a manager at a Chili’s restaurant in Cedar Hill, Texas, questioned his military service and took away his food. Like some other establishments around the country, Chili’s offered free meals to veterans and active military service...
  13. Minotaur

    CIA veteran expected to announce challenge to Trump

    Heavy competition for Trump might be announcing today. Here is his Twitter where he hits Trump hard "Evan McMullin, a Central Intelligence Agency veteran and chief policy director of the House Republican conference, is expected to...
  14. texmaster

    Anti Trump piece of trash shoots a Veteran for supporting Trump

    Another peace loving liberal loosing a debate decides to shoot his opponent. A discussion over the upcoming presidential election ended with a Cleveland man in the hospital, shot in the thigh, and the gunman on the loose.Paul Jones, Jr., 60, was at his neighborhood bar Winston's Place near E...
  15. S

    Trump's Veteran's Group Donation List

    Today, Donald Trump released the list of veteran's associations to which he claims he donated a total of $5.6 million. In doing so, Mr. Trump took great pains to assure the American public - and vets, specifically - that: Well, that's good! I think we can all agree that raising/donating...
  16. Howey

    Where's The Veteran's Money, Donald?

    Did you buy a few whores with it?
  17. bajisima

    Black veteran taunted as he died

    This case is going to trial and the video surveillance has just been released. Horrific. "Elliott Williams spent the last five days of his life in a Tulsa County jail, paralyzed and lying on the cold concrete floor. But despite the 37-year-old Oklahoma man’s pleas for help, guards did...
  18. ptif219

    Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: ‘Shut up and listen to my answer’

    Imagine that when Challenged on Benghazi the people are escorted out and Bill never answers the question. Benghazi is not over and the Clinton lies no longer work VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: ?Shut up and listen to my answer? | The American Mirror
  19. DebateDrone

    Hey Happy Veteran's Day

    thanks to all the PH vets and vets all around the world....past and present.
  20. BoiseBo

    Republicans weren't always above attacking a veteran's war record

    Actually, it was one of their very favorite things to do back in 2004. WASHINGTON -- Republican Party officials and presidential hopefuls have stood in near universal opposition against Donald Trump's comment that Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, was no hero. But many in...