1. DebateDrone

    Boehner Will Pass CR and Investigate Planned Parenthood — Faked Vids will be Exposed

    Is Boehner offering investigation of PP to get the votes on CR? If he is and does get the's a total win for Boehner. The problem with Boehner's plan. The Videos are FAKE. I wonder if anyone has explained this to Boehner? What a disaster for the GOP. They lose the leverage of the...
  2. Vortex

    Police Report Filed by Acorn Exposes False Claims in Gotcha Vids

    Oh, and it looks like Giles/O'Keefe won't give interviews to anyone else but FOX. There is a question as to the veracity of the videos, whether they were edited to make the Acorn people look like criminals, etc. The lawsuit against FOX, Giles & O'Keefe will be interesting to follow - the...
  3. M

    More Winter soldier vids

    As Promised. Here you are...... These were done on the last day. Hell the media did a great job of blacking this story that I would like to offer them an award....:flickoff: