1. MaryAnne

    Drone's Eye View

    Says it all. Drone's Eye View Of Gaza Devastation | Crooks and Liars What would you say if it was our Country?
  2. bajisima

    Unfavorable view of Obamacare rises dramatically in July

    A new Kaiser Family poll just out shows that the unfavorability for the ACA or Obamacare has risen 8 points in one month alone to its lowest approval in history. 53% of Americans now view it unfavorably. Suddenly, Obamacare is more unpopular than ever - The Washington Post Share of...
  3. Minotaur

    Rick Perry discusses view of homosexuality

    In a stunning humanity summation on stopping homosexuality that is fully based on the science of "thunking" (Thunk: distant cousin of think), Rick Perry notes the artful anecdotal antidote: "Decide not to do that!" You know...the big nasty. Tell Mr. Naughty Parts to listen to your new...
  4. angryamerican

    A Point of View from my Better Half

    As I sit at Fort Eustis awaiting to fly home tomorrow after graduating from Senior Leadership Course, my wife emailed me this and asked if I would post.. I have stated for the last ten years, the only way we will improve our economy is to manufacture our way out of debt with "green"...
  5. Detective Mike Logan

    will future generations view ALIENS as we currently view DINOSAURS?

    I know this is a we but its incredible to think we only discovered dinosaurs in the past 200 years. what further discoveries await us? I imagine new species on earth will continue to capture our imagination BUT what of species/civilisations beyond our home planet?? personally i'm sure...
  6. Spookycolt

    Quick! View this mars photo before NASA tampers with it or deletes it.

    What could it be? Its not hot gas venting, its not a photo processing mistake, it appears to be actual light directed from a source underneath the ground. Extreme political consequences if it turns out to be artificial. NASA is not publically announcing they are investigating it but...
  7. bajisima

    Dramatic change on how Americans view Russia

    A new Gallup poll is showing that there has been a dramatic change on how Americans view Russia just in the last several years. In 2006 26% of Americans viewed Russia as an enemy whereas today 73% view them as our biggest enemy. Apparently many in the US thought we could one day be friends...
  8. FearandLoathing

    Obamacare, Bush, & Bad Drugs: A non partisan view

    With the arrival of the internet, the claim of bias or partisanship has become like calling someone a homophobe or racist; there is no defense. And with the ever increasingly polarized political dynamic, it is rare indeed where we see even respect for a political opponent. What liberal can...
  9. angryamerican

    a proper view of Thanksgiving and our founding fathers

    It?s Like Visually Delicious Stuffing For Your Brain: An Animated Thanksgiving History Lesson a bit funny, a bit educational at the same time.
  10. meridian5455

    In Mideast, view of U.S. as hesitant superpower sharpens

    The world's most powerful man decides to threaten Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."We will strike with all our might," says U.S. President Barack Obama, depicted in a cartoon in Saudi newspaper Alsharq. But when? Wearing a dreamy smile, Obama replies: "In a day, a week, a month, a year, 10...
  11. nonsqtr

    Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline: another view of the Syrian war

    There are certainly alternative views of the Syrian crisis. The war-for-oil crowd is pointing out that there is a gas pipeline in play, that begins in Asaluyeh in Iran, goes through Iraq, and ends in a port in Syria. This gas ("natural gas", not oil), would presumably be consumed by Europe, and...
  12. BDBoop

    Jenny McCarthy joining The View

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck joins Fox & Friends, leaving an opening for a new warm body in the chair.
  13. MaryAnne

    A Policeman's View

    Working with several Police over the years, I saw their frustration on arresting bad people and the Judge letting them off. The worst case I remember was a family who adopted Mentally Handicapped children. One child died under their care. The Mother and Son were arrested,the Judge let them...
  14. C

    A view of politics abroad

    So, I come on this forum most days while bored at work, and am regaled primarily with the laments of Americans about how terrible politics is in their country, how corrupt and useless officials are. Well I'm here to comfort you - you're not alone. Allow me to present a page out of Czech...
  15. conservative

    More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics

    More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, HispanicsWednesday, July 03, 2013 Americans consider blacks more likely to be racist than whites and Hispanics in this country. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen...
  16. Old Navy

    Mark Cuban's view on taxing the Stock Market

    I know this is fantasy, but I kind of like the idea. Although, Congress has enough money to play with now. Tax the Hell Out of Wall Street and Give it to Main Street « blog maverick
  17. sparsely

    What is your view on Nationalism?

    Just curious about the views of the membership at large on Nationalism. For the purposes of this survey, we'll go with the basic definitions set forth by Wikipedia & Merriam-Webster. Nationalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nationalism - Definition and More from the Free...
  18. nonsqtr

    a new view to the contracts of our elected representatives

    That's right, I said contracts. Why? Because you can't sue someone for violating their oath. Heck, you can't even impeach 'em for that reason. Here's what I think: our elected representatives are ripping us off. So, to make sure we're getting our money's worth, I propose a small change in how...
  19. nonsqtr

    how do foreigners view the debates?

    Great stuff. :glee: