1. aboutenough

    Minnesota Vikings Players Credit the Lord for 'Miracle' Playoff Victory 'That Was God

    <font color="#000000"><span style="font-family: &amp;quot">;feature=share Minnesota Vikings players are crediting the power of the Lord after they miraculously escaped Sunday's NFL divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints with a...
  2. thrilling

    Pipeline protesters unfurl banner during Vikings game Two pipeline protesters who hung a banner from the rafters during Sunday's Vikings game were arrested and booked into Hennepin County Jail for misdemeanor burglary and trespassing. Minneapolis...
  3. Bourne

    Packers vs Vikings this coming Saturday

    The Packers have been struggling a bit with injuries and the Vikings are doing well this season. But my money is on the Pack. My prediction, Green Bay 23, Minnesota 12. By the way, rain is predicted for 12-24 with temperatures during game time in the upper 30's to low 40's. Regards, Bourne
  4. Spookycolt

    What's up with the Minnesota Vikings?

    They are 3-0 when they should be losing every game. Is this the year we finally take it?
  5. BDBoop

    Skol Vikings!

    Good game!
  6. boontito

    Vikings Adrian Peterson Indicted

    Vikings' Adrian Peterson indicted for negligent injury of a child Negligent or reckless injury to a child. Centered around spanking his child with a "switch". Weird.
  7. boontito

    Vikings' Adrian Peterson's 2 Year Old Son Dies

    The 2-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson died Friday afternoon in Sioux Falls, S.D., from injuries sustained during an aggravated assault on Wednesday, police said. Police are not releasing the boy's name out of respect for the family, but Peterson's father, Nelson...