1. excalibur

    Trump's war on press no match for Obama's

    Where were the editorials then? Fake news indeed. ... And, in fairness to Trump, his administration has not escalated the conflict with the press to a new level. It has not yet come close to doing what President Obama's administration did in making the act of reporting itself criminal...
  2. RNG

    The Republican President's war on media

    I think most of you should know that the Boston Globe called for all media to publish an editorial this morning criticising Dotard for repeatedly saying media are the enemy of the people. And over 300 did so. We all know the Snowflake-in-Chief can't take criticism. And here is his response...
  3. L

    Trump support dips among farmers as trade war wallops agriculture

    President Donald Trump received about 70 percent of the vote among farmers in 2016, but a new poll from Farm Journal Research shows that percentage slipping. Still, it found more than 50 percent of farmers remain favorable in their views toward Trump. Trump's support is strongest among younger...
  4. The Man

    Russia-Georgia War Anniversary

    Ten year ago today, August 7th, 2008, a war began in Southern Caucasus, a short, yet fairly bloody conflict, which, in some ways, heralded Russia's return as an aggressive power in the region. A few headlines, today: 10 Years After War, Russia Warns Of 'Horrible' Conflict If Georgia Joins...
  5. Friday13

    NKorea provided just 1 dog tag with 55 sets of war remains

    Weren't we told, by Droomp, that 200 US servicemen's remains would be returned to us by Kim? This most certainly falls short of that promise, and there's no way of knowing, maybe ever, who they were. Droomp DID call this a "big win"...but for whom? NKorea provided just 1 dog tag with 55...
  6. Sparta

    Trump fires first salvo in War on Christmas 2018

    Honestly, never saw this one coming, it's difficult to know who your friends are in the WOC.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. cpicturetaker12

    From the FIXER who'd 'take a bullet' for him to WAR on Cohen the "pathological liar"

    Wow, what difference 3 days makes, huh? I think they are making a big mother of all mistakes. Everyone of those utterances gives COHEN ZERO reason not to tell ALL!! Every attack, a new story to tell. Trump camp escalates counterattack on 'pathological liar' Cohen The president's team is...
  8. Devil505

    Do you believe Trump and KJU that we got back American remains from Korean War?

    Keeping in mind that both dictators are going to swear that the remains are authentic, do YOU believe they are anything but possible human bones dug up last week in a cemetery? I don't! Neither one of these liars has earned a benefit of doubt.
  9. Friday13

    Trump declares a victory in his trade war. Skepticism is warranted.

    This pretty much sums it up: "claiming victory is one thing; demonstrating it is another. And Trump has shown more of a knack for the former than the latter." His only "victories" are in his deluded alternate reality. Trump declares a victory in his trade war. Skepticism is warranted.
  10. bajisima

    Trump gets concessions from the EU to avoid a trade war

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday secured concessions from Europe, averting a trade war, the Dow Jones News Wire reported, citing a European Union official. The report came shortly before Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker were scheduled to brief the press at a joint...
  11. NightSwimmer

    Will Republicans support going to war with Iran to soothe Donald Trump's bruised ego?

    A simple question with a simple choice of answers: Yes, or No. Would it be worth it to you, as a supporter of the Republican Party, to see the US launch a military attack on Iran? Your vote won't be made public, so you can be honest in registering your opinion.
  12. RNG

    China using Russian strategy in trade war with America

    Basically, several experts think China will simply devalue their currency (even more) to minimize the effect of tariffs and just wait it out. That was Russia's strategy and it was quite successful. That is successful for a government that doesn't have to worry about getting elected so can ride...
  13. RNG

    The impending war over deepfakes

    As if in this day of alternative facts, biased media and Druggie Limbaugh and his clones weren't enough, we now have a new threat to truth. So now we know where Elvis really is. Right? Well, maybe not: I guess this technology is here but developing a way of detecting it is proving harder...
  14. ptif219

    In Gaza and Israel, war fears mount despite truce

    Once again Hamas and the Palestinians show they do not want peace but want all Jews gone https://www.yahoo.com/news/gaza-israel-war-fears-mount-despite-truce-162401826.html
  15. T

    Trump escalates his war with the Fed

    Blathering like a spurned and spoiled dictator, Trump trashed the fed for the interest rate hike. Does this fellow not understand the reasoning behind such a thing, or is it his desire to simply go dictator and direct economic policy from the safety of his social media platform...
  16. the watchman

    Nunes declares war on the media.

    LOS ANGELES — Devin Nunes is sitting on an eye-popping pile of money he's raised in recent months, with little reason to spend it yet. Except for one splurge: an unusually aggressive — and sustained — offensive against his local newspaper, which he is tearing into as “fake news.” In a campaign...
  17. D

    Trump's Supreme Court pick is eager to take the war on workers up a notch

    Trump's Supreme Court pick is eager to take the war on workers up a notch By Laura Clawson ################################################################################ It will be no fun with Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS especially as it concerns worker's rights among that of many...
  18. boontito

    Twitter Mocks Alex Jones' Prediction Of Second Civil War

    Apparently, rabid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on Twitter with a warning that Democrats will be igniting a second Civil War on July 4th. Twitter users couldn't pass up the opportunity to mock him and the hashtag #SecondCivilWarLetters, written as notes home from the front, has taken off...
  19. B

    BREAKING: Democrats Plan To Launch Civil War On July 4th

    Alex Jones No, that's not the funny part. Ya gotta read the responses.
  20. johnflesh

    1/3rd Predict/Worry of Civil War ++

    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/poll-59-fear-violence-from-trump-haters-31-predict-civil-war This was trending this morning - although the stories appear to be mainly from meh publications, it is an interesting poll. I'm not sure how you feel about it and I'd like to...