1. BDBoop

    Watching the DJI - wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Not for the faint of heart. I'm a little nauseous, tbh. 88 points isn't bad though, is it? I was watching live, and for awhile the little arrow was up and down then up again, red or green - but now it's staying red and says -46, 47, 50, etc. I don't even know what i'm looking at, but I know the...
  2. TennesseeRain

    [GW83] Watching Ken Burns' Documentary On VietNam on Netflix

    I thought I had seen this. In fact, I thought I'd seen every doc on VietNam available. But, I hadn't. This one is a ten part series. It says it was made in 2017. Anyway, watch it. It is VERY good. I thought I knew a lot about the war, but one thing I learned was how unstable and corrupt the...
  3. Arkady

    The joy of watching Trump screw his minions.

    There isn't much joy to be had in this very dark age of American politics, but one thing I have enjoyed is watching how, time and again, Trump does things that leave his supporters looking all kinds of stupid. Generally it plays out this way: (1) Trump does something outrageous. (2) Trump's...
  4. BDBoop

    I seriously can't stop watching this video

    And not because she's mind-bogglingly good. I also watch (EVERY TIME) her leaping into her dad's arms.
  5. T

    Watching the trends to inform yourself on the FAKE POLLING It's time for many of you to start paying attention to how these polls are used to create the news rather than inform the news. All year there has been talk about a blue wave. The midterms were and of...
  6. Dr.Knuckles

    Watching news with the Mrs.

    We get TV Japan and for the past 30 minutes my wife has been watching a political chat show from Japan (Matsumoto’s Wide Show, if anyone cares). It’s the host and bunch of journalists, academics and celebrities discussing world events. They’ve talked the whole episode about North Korea. I cant...
  7. libertariat720

    Anyone watching CNN right now?

    Town hall on gun control... Lots of propaganda already.
  8. R

    Watching CNN spin to discredit the memo.

    They have no shame.
  9. the watchman

    guess cnn and msnbc don't care if kids are watching.

    so, all day long on both networks they have a headline plastered up on the screen using profanity. You know what word I'm referring to if you've been watching. Why? Because if the point of it all is suppose to be that Trump referred to these countries in a profane manner, that point is lost in...
  10. Babba

    Lessons from Watching Fox News

    The whole piece is pretty interesting, but I really wanted to share the last two paragraphs. This is "conservatism" in the Fox News era. The lessons of watching Fox News for three weeks nonstop.
  11. cpicturetaker12

    OMG OMG OMG OMG, are you watching this CRAZY ASS MAN In POLAND??

    OUR FUCKING CRAZY MAN on foreign soil---trashing INTEL, OBAMA and even NBC 'after all the money he made them', fake CNN. Never in my life!!! David Ignatius on right now--most critical 2 days coming up. "We have a real crisis on our hands." This MSNBC panel is appalled! The ones following...
  12. L

    Anyone watching kellyanne interview on cnn now?

    I can't believe this woman!
  13. the watchman

    are you watching this? Correspondence Dinner.

    yeah, I took out White House for obvious reasons. Journalist have complained for years about how the focus had changed. It's purpose was originally was intended to celebrate the first amendment. This year they all seem excited because the focus is returning to it's original intent. Never before...
  14. GordonGecko

    Homeless wino-slash-nationalist carefully watching Georgia 6th election-

    Bannon closely watching Ga. special election: report | TheHill Apparently President Bannon is a bit worried that a Red-Red-RED District might flip to the Democrats.... I don't know why given how wildly popular and beloved His Orangeness is with Americans???
  15. the watchman

    are you watching this?

    on MSNBC on "The Last Word"......a special addition, covering just this last month in the Trump administrations. Must see. Your indulgence requested Mods. msnbc TV ? msnbc Live Stream and Latest Shows"]msnbc TV ? msnbc Live Stream and Latest Shows[/URL]
  16. libertariat720

    She's Watching You...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Are you watching the ROYAL SUCK UP??

    I love you guys. He has about as much in common with CPAC as I do. Well except they are likely the SAME INCOME LEVEL as I am. I, I, I, I, I, I, I .... Just LIED right to their faces. I didn't want to come last year? Really asshole?? 2016 Trump speech roils CPAC Marco Rubio's supporters...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    Are you watching this EGOTISTICAL JERK!

    He's just shaming! NOTHING, no content, trash-talk, his superiority, his ratings, trash the media, trash the media, fake media. ME, ME, ME, I, I, I!
  19. Friday13

    NASA watching Greenland melt

    NASA took on an unprecedented study of Greenland?s melting. Now, the data are coming in
  20. the watchman

    who's watching the Health Secy Tom Price confirmation hearing?

    it's on all the major cable news networks off and on. So, we really don't have much of a choice other than just turning the news off. There are four confirmation hearing going on at the same time. But, Price is the one that's under the most fire because of insider trading conflict of interest...