1. Lysander Spooner

    We're giving twice as much money to Mexico as we are to Arizona

    We're giving twice the money to Mexico that we're giving to Arizona for the National Guard June 29, 2010 The Obama administration is suing Arizona over their recent immigration law, which is an attempt to slow the many illegal immigrants pouring into Arizona. Now the Obama...
  2. Lysander Spooner

    Arthur Laffer: we're f*cked

  3. steezer

    Dude, We're Not Greece

    A Different Perspective From the Fearmongering that seems to invade this sight. We’re Not Greece By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: May 13, 2010 It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good, and the crisis in Greece is making some people — people who opposed health care reform and are...
  4. michaelr

    Don't Look Now, But We're Winning

    Don't Look Now, But We're Winning I love the smell of change in the morning, it smells like....like victory.
  5. Sparta

    Since we're talking weed again...

    A history of the non-medical Use of drugs in the United States. Oh man, this is a great article. It's funny to see how drugs were made illegal, particularly marijuanna, while keeping in mind contemporary arguments to keep them illegal. Here's a hint: the two aren't at all related. Enjoy...
  6. michaelr

    Copenhagen climate talks: No deal, we're out of time, Obama warns

    Copenhagen climate talks: No deal, we're out of time, Obama warns Really Obama? I say he is a liar and he will sign the treaty and I am willing to wager 10 away from the board on it. This has been his and the media's style, deny everything in public whilst moving forward while resistors...
  7. michaelr

    We're broke ... time for a new tax

    We're broke ... time for a new tax Man I tell ya, these guys are good. Were not going to raise your taxes, we will however give you a new tax....Good god..... This is seriously a bad idea. The fools need to stop spending, the banks should not receive one more cent from the government, the...