1. T

    Pompeo says North Korea weapons work counter to denuclearization pledge

    No kidding there Pompeo. What did you expect to happen? After the little bit of diplomacy, a photo op, a non binding statement of internet, and you are saying they are not living up to it? How can that be? Our president tweeted they were going non-nuclear. Doesn't this mean our SoS and...
  2. Friday13

    Disappearance of weapons at Air Force base prompts investigation

    Militia must not be satisfied with AR-15s any more... Disappearance of weapons at Air Force base prompts investigation
  3. Darkman

    N. Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo

    North Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo says | Fox News North Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo says | Fox News - Kewl by me
  4. TennesseeRain

    How does the NRA justify banning weapons at its Leadership Forum

    while wanting to arm teachers in a classroom?
  5. Mister B

    We're At War

    Glad to see he got to spend a little extra time under the sun lamp and in makeup first...
  6. HayJenn

    Federal Judge Upholds MA assault weapons ban

    A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on Friday challenging Massachusetts's ban on assault weapons. U.S. District Judge William Young said in his ruling that the firearms and large magazines banned by the state in 1998 are “not within the scope of the personal right to ‘bear Arms’ under the Second...
  7. Devil505

    What shall we do with some rifles easily made into fully automatic weapons?

    I've posted these videos in gun-specific threads and never received a real answer from any NRA defender. The next few posts will show how easily an AR15 or AK47 can be turned into fully automatic weapons capable of killing hundreds of innocent people in mere minutes. The combination of...
  8. aboutenough

    H.R. 5087: Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

    A BILL To regulate the importation, manufacture, possession, sale or transfer of assault weapons, and for other purposes. 1.Short title This Act may be cited as the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018.2.Definitions (a)In general Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is amended—(1)by inserting...
  9. aboutenough

    Mass shootings before, during and after the assault weapons ban

    In America, there have been 23 mass shootings involving 10 or more dead in its history. Did most of them occur before, during or after the Assault Weapons Ban? Data is used to examine these cases, looking also at the effectiveness of statewide assault weapons bans. The Assault Weapons Ban was...
  10. Tedminator

    I’m Republican. I Appreciate Assault Weapons. And I Support a Ban.

    I’m Republican. I Appreciate Assault Weapons. And I Support a Ban. By BRIAN MAST - FEB. 23, 2018 Continue reading the main story Brian Mast, a Republican, is the representative for Florida’s 18th congressional district. The most important and unregrettable time of my life was the 12 years I...
  11. DebateDrone

    Reagan — CIA — IRAQ — Chemical Weapons

    I saw the part of the story on Frontline last night. What I could gather there is a connection between Reagan, CIA, Iraq and Iraq using chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. I saw an article on Daily Mail this morning...but not much else. I have to put in eye drops so it like looking...
  12. Isalexi

    Why assault weapons?

    I know someone here does not like the word assault because it is a verb but it has taken on a new meaning and that is an adjective describing a gun. Can someone please answer why they object to guns that can mess murder in a couple of minutes being banned? Are they OK with grenades being banned
  13. Devil505

    If you were invited to a gun club to fire automatic weapons would you want to go?

    I would. ....and I have fired them in Quantico.....It was great fun!.......although the DEA was to cheap to let us trainees fire full magazines of ammo :(
  14. boontito

    President Tells Congress He Supports Ban On Military-Style Assault Weapons

    Of course, the year was 1994, the president was Reagan along with Ford and Carter. Two Republicans and a Democrat. How times have changed. Ford, Carter, Reagan Push for Gun Ban - Page 2 - latimes The letter from three former presidents to the House: May 3, 1994 To Members of the U.S...
  15. boontito

    Armed Patriotic Americans Fail Against Foreign Weapons Specialists

    Biathlon has just never been our sport. https://www.olympic.org/news/thrilling-gold-for-norway-s-thingnes-boe-in-men-s-biathlon-20km-individual Martin Fourcade Wins Gold Medal for Biathlon Olympics 2018 15-Km Mass Start | Bleacher Report Anastasiya Kuzmina Wins Gold Medal for Biathlon...
  16. Darkman

    Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons

    Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/17/us/prominent-republican-donor-issues-ultimatum-on-assault-weapons.html?partner=msft_msn --- Let's see how this plays out ...
  17. aboutenough

    Assault Weapons Ban coming in California January 1st 2018

    See our Assault Weapons policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. With limited exceptions, California prohibits anyone from possessing an assault weapon unless he or she possessed the firearm prior to the date it was defined as an assault weapon and registered the firearm with...
  18. The Man

    Donbass militants getting elite weapons

    I was just looking at pics on the VKontakte (Russian Facebook) page of Dejan "Deki" Beric, a famous, now, Serbian sniper who fights for the pro-Russian DNR rebels in Donbass I wrote about him before. He is a legend over there. Nightmare to the Ukrainians. Probably a couple hundred kills on...
  19. DemoWhip

    Republican Senators who voted against assault weapons ban are tweeting their thoughts

    This seriously calls into question the lack of a law to prohibit the allowance of assault-type weapons in this country. Republican thoughts for the deceased and their families just does not cut it no matter how well intended. They need to make it illegal for people to carry assault-type weapons...
  20. The Man

    US illegally ran weapons through Germany

    More: US sent weapons to Syria through Ramstein military base - report