1. L

    Everyone Wants To Be Like The Donald, Including Drug Dealers And Welfare Cheats

    Everyone Wants To Be Like The Donald, Including Drug Dealers And Welfare Cheats Donald Trump says money trumps everything. He has in fact, hinged his presidential qualifications on his proclivity for making a lot of money. "I am really rich", he likes to say into the tv camera, seemingly...
  2. J

    Economic Fact Bomb: Welfare Makes America More Entrepreneurial

    This changes the entire nature of the welfare argument. A Strong Welfare State Produces More Entrepeneurs - The Atlantic Pundits and researchers often note the negative correlation between government spending and entrepreneurship, both within the U.S. and internationally, and conclude...
  3. I

    Is it a good idea to test welfare recipients for drugs?

    I think it is indeed. Why should I pay my taxes and see those lazy bums getting their welfare just to buy crack or pot? I think it's unfair. All welfare recipients have to be tested for drugs every time they get their welfare checks. Maybe it will teach them how to work. Or I have an another...
  4. Singularity

    KS Gov. Brownback runs away from law he signed limiting welfare families to $25 a day

    "A first-of-its-kind provision barring welfare recipients in Kansas from withdrawing more than $25 a day from an ATM might violate federal law and could jeopardize the state’s federal funding if not amended. The Social Security Act requires states to ensure that recipients of Temporary...
  5. BDBoop

    if someone ever complains about welfare collectors

    Read all the way through, word-for-word. Please. Self-explanatory. Hit home for me, and I was already in the "Don't demonize the poor" camp.
  6. M

    What do you think about people that abuse Welfare and make it a career choice?

    I have no problem paying for the people that need welfare to get back on their feet then find a job and take personal responsibility and be self reliant. But the people that are able to work but don't want to because they're freaking lazy, I hate that I hate paying for people to be lazy and...
  7. Dittohead not!

    Yet another welfare recipient

    Hog-Castrating Bread-Bagger Joni Ernst’s Family Actually Received $460,000 In Federal Subsidies Could be she's just philosophically opposed to other people getting government handouts.
  8. Two If By Tea

    The "WELFARE" Class First Hand A Look At The "GIMME CLASS" We "PAY" 4 It

    St. Paul, MN – The chant “What do we want? Raise the grants! When do we want it? Now!” boomed throughout the Minnesota State Capitol building, Jan. 6, as low-income people marched in demanding that the legislature double welfare grants and pass a law that will provide immediate assistance to all...
  9. J

    Welfare benefits because too fat to work in UK

    The benefits couple who are too FAT to work: Newlyweds who weigh 54 stone between them claim £2,000 a month – and they say it's the Government's fault Number of claimants with obesity-related illnesses more than doubles in five years | Daily Mail Online The US welfare state is only a few...
  10. Kallie Knoetze

    Evil Conservatives once again targeting welfare

    trying to throw this poor couple in jail just because they are using the social safety net to get by because they have no income. Minnesotan who lived on yacht and collected welfare pleads guilty I'll bet some "compassionate" conservatives out there are saying "good, send them to the poor...
  11. MaryAnne

    Welfare King

    We have found a true blue, or maybe red Welfare King. Wealthy North Carolina Republican Politician Nailed For Medicaid And Food Stamp Fraud | Crooks and Liars
  12. BoiseBo

    Top AZ Republican says women on welfare need to be sterilized!

    Sure hope that he'll give me this shirt! :rolleyes: Arizona GOP official resigns after controversial comments - The Washington Post
  13. C

    New Tennessee Drug Test Law For Welfare Recipients Goes Into Effect – Catches One.

    Here we go again. Yet another state demonstrating that drug testing applicants for welfare wastes more tax-payer many than it saves by "weeding out" the drug users. "Four people were turned down because they refused to participate in any part of the drug screening process," the Tennessean...
  14. lka

    The Myth of Red State Welfare

    I found this interesting,, thoughts? Learn more, Articles: The Myth of Red State Welfare
  15. C

    Conservative myths about Welfare:

    People on food stamps are lazy. Now, I know. We're gonna have a bunch of people on the right come in screaming, "There you go stereotyping again! Conservatives don't think Food Stamp recipients are lazy!!!!" Well, except your Representatives seem to. Representatives like Markwayne Mulllin...
  16. N

    Let's consolidate welfare programs under one department (e.g., DHHS)

    This idea is a take-off from a comment I made in another thread and so I figured it might be worth exploring on its own. "The federal government provides billions of dollars annually in public assistance through an inefficient welfare system that is increasingly cumbersome for program...
  17. Spookycolt

    Why don't we make people who get welfare work?

    So your getting blank amount from the government for doing nothing so how about we put them to work? I would propose a government program that would offer business access to free labor. The people collecting this would still get their money but the condition is that they have to go their...
  18. J

    European-style welfare states have proved more successful and resilient than the US

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/26/opinion/krugman-europes-secret-success.html?_r=0 Europe’s Secret Success MAY 25, 2014 SINTRA, Portugal — I’ll be spending the next couple of days at a forum sponsored by the European Central Bank whose de facto topic — whatever it may say on the...
  19. BoiseBo

    Fox failed to connect the dots on The Welfare Cowboy

    Well, all but O'Reilly who never did embrace Cliven the Freeloader and Tax Cheat who was using hundreds of acres that normally go on the free market for $16 per cow/calf per month but was being subsidized for Bundy by Uncle Sam on to the tune of $1.35. Clue number one: He said right up front...