1. SunsetRose

    Active Shooter Situation.

    Lately, I find myself thinking about situations that used to never even cross my mind. For instance, when I'm out shopping, going to the movies, restaurants, etc. I sometimes wonder if there could be a crazy person with a gun nearby. And if they might decide to use their gun. I don't know what...
  2. Devil505

    Wha happened to Trump's bragging that illegal border crossings are down due to him?

    He was selling that lie for a year....now all of a sudden hordes of criminal invaders are "Infesting" our country? Bullshit on both counts!
  3. Amelia

    Wha? Republicans control the NY state senate? Though Democrats have majority?

    Weeeeeerd. Democrats have a majority in the New York senate, but 9 state senators have voluntarily aligned with Republicans, giving the GOP control. What are they thinking? That's not a rhetorical question. Do they think Trump is the wave of the future and they don't want to be left out...
  4. Justoffal

    Democratic Senators: Obamacare? Wha the hell is Obamacare?

    Ominously moving toward the iceberg called Obamacare the Senatorial Titanic carrying Democratic legislators drifts ever closer to the November meeting with angry constituents who are about to be penalized for something they can't fix. Even if they succeed in pressing President Valarie Jarett...