1. Inkslinger

    What's the best thing Obama's done thus far?

    If he follows through, I'm gonna have to say this... Obama's budget plan targets oil, gas tax breaks
  2. W

    What's the best Online site for Space Companies?

    I keep running into stories about this company or that have launchers and I want to keep up with the news about them since it seems like private launchers are getting ready to really take off in competition to Russians now that the shuttle era is dying down. I would also like to put some money...
  3. M

    What's in the healthcare bill

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  4. Chief

    What's a powder monkey?

    Give up? Powder monkeys were boys, usually 10 or 11 years old, kidnapped and pressed into service aboard ships. They would run back and forth between the powder room and the guns, so that the skilled gunners wouldn't have to... and this made them targets. One of the big targets of the marine...
  5. kmiller1610

    What's the right policy for the Middle East?

    What's the right policy for the Middle East? Darn. I finished a poll and it didn't take. Has the poll feature been neutered?
  6. nonsqtr

    ha ha - what's wrong with this quote?

    Ha ha - this is a good one. Here's a quote from Obama, talking about yesterday's House bill that creates a Consumer Financial Protection Agency: Can anyone spot the inherent self-contradiction? (I've given you a hint)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1oyHybFWUg&feature=player_embedded
  7. M

    What's the lesson here?

    So now that we started telling companies that still owe TARP money how much they could make, emplyess are expectedly threatening to leave. So then what.....we say we will give them more money. This is a farce. If this czar says that they are willing to pay this much for this position let...