1. Djinn

    Hey Mike... Where's our monthly job report post?

    I need my fix... Every month, when the jobs report for the previous month is released, you post another doom-and-gloom thread. The new report for March is out, so where's the post?
  2. kmiller1610

    Where's the Obama Intelligence?

    Yesterday in his speech to the bankers, Mr. Obama went from attacking Bankers for making risky loans to exhorting them to make risky loans, all in the same speech. I thought the main reason for hiring this guy was how smart he is. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. The...
  3. Bluesguy

    Where's all the stimulating we were promised?

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Unemployment likely will remain high for the next several years because the economic recovery won't be strong enough to spur robust hiring, Federal Reserve officials warned Tuesday. The cautionary note struck by the presidents of regional Fed banks in San Francisco and...