1. aboutenough

    College Student Wins Right to Talk about Jesus and the Bible in Graduation Speech

    A Colorado Mesa University student has succeeded in her fight to be allowed to mention Jesus and the Bible in her graduation speech. Relevant Magazine reports that student Karissa Erickson gave the speech last Friday at her school’s graduation ceremony. Although the university has a rule...
  2. bajisima

    First transgender nominee for governor wins primary

    Christine Hallquist, who is running as a progressive Democrat in Vermont, made history on Tuesday as she became the first transgender gubernatorial candidate nominated by a major political party. Advancing a progressive platform focused on economic and social justice, including a $15 minimum...
  3. aboutenough

    Woman who sued Planet Fitness over ‘transgender’ man in locker room wins appeal

    LANSING, Michigan, August 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Stripped of her Planet Fitness membership three years ago for complaining about a man who thinks he’s a woman in the women’s locker rooms, a Michigan woman is still seeking justice. But she’s a lot closer due to a victory in the Michigan Court...
  4. 5 stringer

    Student suspended for T Shirt wins

    I hope the "educators" learned a lesson here. Student Suspended for Trump Border Wall Shirt to Get $25G and Formal Apology | Fox News Insider
  5. bajisima

    Ocasio-Cortes wins another election, one she wasnt even running in

    This is really unusual! Things are going so well for insurgent Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she’s winning primaries she didn’t even enter. In addition to recently whipping longtime Queens Rep. Joseph Crowley in the 14th congressional district Democratic...
  6. bajisima

    Populist candidate wins Mexican election

    What will this mean for US relations and NAFTA? Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has declared victory in Mexico's presidential election, as preliminary results showed that the veteran politician, who had presented himself as an agent of change, secured a landslide win. President-elect Lopez...
  7. bajisima

    Bush relative wins CO GOP gubernatorial primary

    Going to be an interesting race there. Wonder if he will run from or embrace the President? State Treasurer Walker Stapleton has won the Republican primary for Colorado governor. Stapleton secured the nomination Tuesday against businessmen Victor Mitchell, Doug Robinson and Greg Lopez...
  8. bajisima

    Ben Jealous wins dem primary for Maryland governor

    Bernie Sanders group had a good night last night. Former NAACP chief Ben Jealous won Maryland’s Democratic primary for governor Tuesday, promising to deliver a progressive agenda that makes college free, legalizes marijuana and raises the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. Bolstered by...
  9. bajisima

    Transgender track athlete wins CT state championship, debate ensues

    Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood dominated the competition at Connecticut’s girls track and field state championships earlier this week. Miller took 1st place in both the 100 and 200 meter dash, while Yearwood finished second in the 100. According to News 8 in Hartford, CT, both Miller and...
  10. MaryAnne

    White Supremist wins

    Republican Primary. And this is in Washington State!
  11. M

    Maduro "wins" reelection

    In the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela, Maduro is claiming victory in Sunday's vote. Voter turnout was estimated at 46% which is even worse than some US elections, but the lowest in Venezuela since the 1940's. Voters were given "Fatherland Cards" which means they will be eligible for...
  12. RNG

    Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr's bloc wins Iraq elections

    A leading Anti-US cleric's party has won the largest number of seats in Iraq's recent election. Even more of a surprise to me is that a pro-Iranian party won the second most seats. The current PM's party was third. However, no block has anywhere near enough seats to form a government so the...
  13. bajisima

    Wins for socialists and progressives in Tuesdays primaries

    Will they win in November? Defying national and state-level Democratic establishment forces that have worked to crowd out left-wing candidates and demonstrating that there is a deep hunger among the American electorate for a bold progressive agenda, candidates running on platforms of Medicare...
  14. Friday13

    Morrisey wins W.Va. Senate primary, averting GOP fears

    Morrisey wins W.Va. Senate primary, averting GOP fears
  15. Robert Urbanek

    Kentucky Derby: Trump Wins

    Justify won the Kentucky Derby, thus allowing Trump supporters to still justify the actions of their President. You could say both three-year-olds won.
  16. excalibur

    Texas Voter-ID Wins Court Approval

    Just in.
  17. bajisima

    First American female wins Boston marathon since 1985

    Twitter is absolutely going nuts! Desiree Linden won the women’s division of the 2018 Boston Marathon on Monday with an unofficial time of 2:39:54, becoming the first American woman to win since 1985. Fans were pumped to see an American take home the title, especially after Linden waited...
  18. DemoWhip

    Ding dong, the recall's dead: GOP effort to undo Democratic election wins in Nevada h

    Ding dong, the recall's dead: GOP effort to undo Democratic election wins in Nevada has failed By Carolyn Fiddler ==================================================== That is good news! Trying to undo an election based upon partisan politics is never a good idea and usually does...
  19. Friday13

    Democratic States Sue the Government and Rack Up Wins

    Keep up the good fight, Dems... Borrowing G.O.P. Playbook, Democratic States Sue the Government and Rack Up Wins
  20. HayJenn

    Neo-Nazi wins GOP congressional primary

    Republican candidate Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier who has been disavowed by his own party, will be the GOP's nominee in a suburban Chicago congressional district after he ran in Tuesday's primary unopposed. Jones's campaign website contains a section called "The Holocaust Racket" in which...