1. bajisima

    Primaries in Wisconsin, Vermont, Connecticut and Minnesota today

    Bunch of interesting races. Vermont Races to watch: Governor Polls close: 7 p.m. Eastern Gov. Phil Scott, a centrist Republican stock-car driver, was once one of the most popular governors in the country — beloved by Republicans, Democrats and independents. But then, in April, he signed...
  2. Friday13

    Federal judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgeries

    Three for the "WIN" column... Federal judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgeries
  3. 5 stringer

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Rights a Wrong

    Another case of leftist bullying reversed. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/wisconsin-supreme-court-rules-marquette-wrongly-fired-conservative-professor/ar-AAzFweq?ocid=spartandhp
  4. bajisima

    Wisconsin residents can get a $100 check for "child tax rebate"

    Sounds like what GW did with his $300 tax rebate. Gov. Scott Walker today signed Wisconsin's $100-per-child tax rebate and August sales tax holiday into law at Blain's Farm & Fleet in Waukesha. The bill creates a $100-per-child tax rebate for every dependent child living at home under the...
  5. steezer

    The A.P. Is calling the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Race for Dallet

    With almost 50% of the vote in Rebecca Dallet is leading her opponent Michael Screnock, 57% to 43%. The A.P. is calling it for Dallet. AP: Dallet wins Wisconsin Supreme Court race
  6. Friday13

    Wisc. GOP Set To Change Law To Avoid Holding Election

    So they are saying that voters are too stupid to be able to distinguish between candidates? They want to change the State Constitution to keep their (proven)corrupt GOPer majority. ‘Attack on Democracy’: Wisc. GOP Set To Change Law To Avoid Holding Election
  7. Amelia

    NE Wisconsin Talk Show Host Jerry Bader

    I should say former northeastern Wisconsin talk show host, Jerry Bader. He lost his job for occasionally criticizing Trump. I listened sometimes -- not as much as I once did -- but if I was in the car at that time. I heard some of the Trump criticisms. They didn't seem excessive. They...
  8. HayJenn

    Dems flip Wisconsin state Senate seat

    Wisconsin Democrats on Tuesday flipped a state Senate seat in a GOP-leaning district, prompting excitement among local party officials Patty Schachtner (D) defeated state Rep. Adam Jarchow (R) in a special election to replace a senator who left for a job in Gov. Scott Walker’s (R)...
  9. aboutenough

    Wisconsin Can't Force Christian Photographer to Work Gay Weddings, Court Announces

    Wisconsin Can't Force Christian Photographer to Work Gay Weddings, Court Announces By SAMUEL SMITHAug 2, 2017 | 1:45 PM The state of Wisconsin and its capital city of Madison cannot legally force a Christian photographer to photograph same-sex weddings, a court has said. Alliance Defending...
  10. L

    Wisconsin's Bet on Trump Pays Off

    This is real news, thousands of jobs. So much winning! https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/trumps-big-foxconn-announcement-will-bring-jobs-robots-223140523.html
  11. Southern Dad

    Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees

    Would you get an implant if your company was paying for it?
  12. bajisima

    Wisconsin voter ID law could have prevented 200,000 from voting

    By one estimate, 300,000 eligible voters in the state lacked valid photo IDs heading into the election; it is unknown how many people did not vote because they didn't have proper identification. But it is not hard to find the Navy veteran whose out-of-state driver's license did not suffice, or...
  13. Amelia

    Dairy farming in Wisconsin

    Trump's policies will accelerate the closing of dairy farms in Wisconsin. Big Dairy and automation are already taking their toll. With the lower unauthorized immigration of recent years, it was already harder for small farmers to find workers. These are not jobs which American-born workers...
  14. Amelia

    100th Anniversary of Wisconsin Public Radio

    Kinda cool The 100th Anniversary Of The First Broadcast From 9XM-WHA | Wisconsin Public Radio
  15. Amelia

    Progressive Talk Radio returns to Wisconsin

    Progressive Talk Radio returns to Wisconsin Trump's presidency should give new life to progressive radio. With oh-so-much red meat material coming straight out of the mouths of Trump and his team, the ratings-grabbing show themes write themselves. If they run out of time for show research...
  16. MaryAnne

    Wisconsin Gerrymandering

    Struck down! Now,if they would just sue Ohio. Wisconsin judge orders state GOP to redraw gerrymandered legislative districts - Salon.com
  17. Amelia

    More cuts to Wisconsin education

    My governor continues to cut services, infrastructure, education funding. 2014: Scott Walker cut school funding more than any governor, Greater Wisconsin Committee claims | PolitiFact Wisconsin 2015: Scott Walker's university budget cuts -- how big? | PolitiFact Wisconsin And now he says he's...
  18. thrilling

    Indiana and Wisconsin's lax gun laws

    762 murders in 12 months: Chicago's deadly 2016 - CNN.com "We border Indiana and Wisconsin, which have really lax gun laws," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. "We know that people from Chicago go across the border, fill up gym bags with illegal weapons from gun shows and...
  19. Ginger

    Wisconsin recount confirms Trump's win/GAINS VOTES

    The Associated Press reported Monday afternoon that Trump actually picked up 162 additional votes, keeping his margin of victory around 22,000 over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Wisconsin recount confirms Trump's win | TheHill Even better.
  20. C

    Could #RussianHackers have used a cloaking device to hide Wisconsin from Hillary?

    Theories abound. It’s been a frenetic day of chatter on social media, and the conclusion seems to be that Hillary Clinton would have been our next president had Russia not tampered with the election somehow. It’s that “how” bit in particular that’s leaving people a bit befuddled. Did...