1. The Man

    ICE working for Putin

    Much more: How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts Insane...
  2. RNG

    Trump's strategy is working

    The question is were his handlers smart enough to figure it out or is it just damn good/bad luck, depending on your position. From the Axios AM Newsletter so no link.
  3. Babba

    The Enlightenment Is Working

    I know a lot of people who are convinced that the world is much worse than it's ever been and I push back on that idea and explain that actually it's a better place than it used to be. I explain to them that because the news uses the philosophy "if it bleeds it leads", you get the impression...
  4. RNG

    State Department Working to Kill Sanctions on Terrorist ...

    State Department Working to Kill Sanctions on Terrorist Use of Human Shields Pompeo who I don't think has the nards to do something without the Republican President's blessing is is having his department mount an attempt to quash a bipartisan bill that would sanction terrorist groups that use...
  5. bajisima

    Man arrested for working out naked

    Well you dont see this everyday.. A man who stripped naked before working out at a New Hampshire gym told police officers that he thought he was in a “Judgement Free Zone,” before being arrested. NECN reports 34-year-old Eric Stagno, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, was charged with indecent...
  6. bajisima

    Boston mayor: Working class forgot where they came from

    Big discussion around New England this morning. Marty Walsh is a college drop-out and recovering alcoholic who grew up in a union household and worked his way up through organized labor and local politics. In many ways, he fits the profile of the kind of white working-class man who put Donald...
  7. Chief

    Republicans working on immigration reform is like...

    Russian contractors securing our elections. Your turn. :)
  8. Friday13

    Javanka are working in the White House for 'free' ... and raked in $82M last year

    Nothing to see here, folks. Just more deceit, thievery etc from the Trump Crime Cartel. Ivanka and Jared are working in the White House for 'free' ... and raked in $82 million last year
  9. Blueneck

    How's that tax cut working out for you?

    Harley-Davidson workers say plant closure after tax cut is like being stuck in a bad dream Dividends and stock buybacks. Just like we said would happen. All that debt for nothing.
  10. Devil505

    Trump working for Putin as President

    Mueller reportedly has evidence that a Trump associate met with a Kremlin ally in early 2017 to create a secret Trump-Russia backchannel A witness in the Russia investigation has testified that Trump associate Erik Prince helped arrange a 2017 meeting in the Seychelles islands with a Kremlin...
  11. the watchman

    turns out Ms. SS press secretary was working with a interim security clerance. which only makes this even the more hypocritical...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Trump releases PHOTO of him working HARD during shutdown....

    No pen, no paper? Anything? Something? Caption should be, GODDAMN IT, I'M SUPPOSED to be in PALM BEACH PLAYING GOLF and at MY $50K a head FUNDRAISER TONIGHT! BY JULIA MANCHESTER8,375TWEET SHARE MORE The White House on Saturday released photos of President Trump working on the first day of...
  13. PACE

    Russian linked Twitter accounts now working overtime to help Devin Nunes and Wikileak

    'Release the memo' campaign aided by Russia-linked Twitter accounts - Business Insider
  14. The Man

    North Koreans working in Russia

    Russia's hidden world of North Korean labor - CNN Many, many North Koreans employed in Russia. Especially in the Far East. In Vladivostok, they arrive all the time especially many Koreans work construction there Most of that city's iconic modern bridges were built, over last...
  15. Idiocracat

    Bannon working with Mueller?

    Trump obviously never heard the terms 'What comes around, goes around' or 'For every action, there's a reaction'. Steve Bannon hired the same lawyer as Reince Priebus — and that should scare Donald Trump
  16. Eve1

    A look back and signs the FBI had Moles working for Trump

    Giuliani changes story on FBI - CNNPolitics Washington (CNN)Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani now denies that he was told by FBI agents that the bureau was reviewing newly discovered emails potentially related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private server before the review was publicly...
  17. NightSwimmer

    Millionaires respond to rude comments aimed at working class Americans

    Actual Wealthy People Confirm They, Too, Spend Money On Booze And Movies Chuck Grassley is just a grumpy old asshole.
  18. T

    Cards Against Humanity actually built a *working catapult* to destroy Trump's border

    Bravo folks, bravo. Put the wall in place, Mr. President, and this group will go all 14th century* on it. Using a catapult, more accurately a trebuchet, as a means to knock it down, over, or whatever. Brilliantly trolled while generating publicity for their game makes me think of the beauty...
  19. CEngelbrecht

    Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra...
  20. DemoWhip

    Republicans working overtime to find a way to NOT have Roy Moore face election in Ala

    Republicans working overtime to find a way to NOT have Roy Moore face election in Alabama By Mark Sumner ==================================================== Alabamans who want to stand tall and a cut above the fray need to go and vote for...