1. C

    Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For DoJ

    Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For The Department Of Justice | The Daily Caller One of the activists who chased Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant Tuesday night over the Trump administration’s immigration policies is an employee...
  2. DebateDrone

    Trump Signs Veterans Health Bill as White House Works Against Bipartisan Plan to Fund

    Have you all figured out what Trump does. It's all about the show. Low information voters will see change...'doing something' without expecting any positive results...
  3. Two If By Tea

    Sometimes Racism actually Works Out

    I know that seems crazy.. Watch n Learn.
  4. BYG Jacob

    Fox News makes my blood boil How can somebody be so disrespectful to a dying man?
  5. the watchman

    another WH aide quits over domestic violence allegations.

    breaking news. A speech writer this time. Can't find a link yet. *edit...found it*...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Trump's "not qualified" judge nominee forgot to mention his wife works in the WH!!

    Married to TRUMP'S WH lawyer who also just happened to have to testify in front of Mueller. Seems like a kinda ab important detail to LEAVE OFF. But if you get to leave off MILLIONS AND MILLIONS IN off shore investments or millions IN ON SHORE investments or meeting with Russians, no big deal...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Wall Streeter corrects Trump's fake math on the deficit, due, that's not how it works

    Wall Streeter corrects Trump's fake math on the deficit, dude that's not how it works I didn't really know who this guy was till I moved 'home' (the office) and started keeping msnbc on in the background during the day. He came over from the MONEY channel side to the news side. He's a real...
  8. Amelia

    Trump thinks the presidency works like a Facebook game

    You know those games where you're given a task -- build this wall, arm these people, repair the boat -- and you spend a couple of days "growing" items to complete the quest, then you click, and then you wait a few hours, and voila, you have your new shiny item that you can move on to the next...
  9. D

    President Trump Tells ABC News’ David Muir He 'Absolutely' Thinks Waterboarding Works

    Just WHO Did You Folks Elect? It gets scarier by the minute, folks. That Trump believes in torture and waterboarding of all things! What's happening to the United States of America that was more humane and reasonable than that? It has never been this bad but now with a Republican in the White...
  10. G

    President Donald Trump says he believes torture works

    US President Donald Trump has said he believes torture works, saying "we have to fight fire with fire". Mr Trump told ABC News he would consult Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA director Mike Pompeo about what could be done legally to combat radicalism. The president said while radical...
  11. Puzzling Evidence

    Electoral Rebelion in the works....

    This ain't going away, people.... Polly Baca, a former state senator from Colorado, has been involved in every presidential race since 1960. As one of nine members of the Electoral College from Colorado who is required by state law to vote for Hillary Clinton, she is involved in this one...
  12. Davocrat

    One of the best reason for women to choose a dildo works to outlaw them in Texas

    This story will be getting a lot of buzz. Ted Cruz Takes a Brave Stance in the War on DildosHe will not go quietly into the night. Ted Cruz Thoughts on "Stimulating One's Genitals" - Masturbation
  13. HayJenn

    Trump Does Not Understand How the Fed Reserve Works

    Donald Trump went on CNBC this morning, and, over the course of a wide-ranging interview, once again reminded the world of the most fundamental fact about his candidacy — he doesn’t really seem to understand any aspect of American public policy. Benefitting as he often does from a cable news...
  14. zitiboy

    Lewandowski works for CNN and Trump at same time

    Report: The Trump Campaign Paid The Firm Of CNN's Corey Lewandowski $20,000 In July How can CNN and it's audience expect balanced, unbiased commentary and coverage by the Lew-meister when he's still on the Donald's payroll? I mean, really?
  15. excalibur

    FBI Interview of Hillary in the Works

    Clinton email probe enters new phase as FBI interviews loom - LA Times
  16. PACE

    Trump starts to understand how a democracy works

    Reversed his position on torture on Friday,,, I wonder who called him??? Trump Reverses His Stance on Torture
  17. Amelia

    Looking at Later Primaries, Bernie Sanders Works to Strengthen Black Support

    Read more: Looking at Later Primaries, Bernie Sanders Works to Strengthen Black Support When the time comes, Sanders will have the foundation needed to win the national race. Just a matter of becoming known, and by next November that won't be a problem.
  18. mikebeat1

    Budget deal in the works...

    Breaking news!!! Apparently Obama and Congressional leaders have been burning the midnight oil on this in secrecy. The Budget Deal To End All Obama Budget Deals Is Here. Read The Details.
  19. Babba

    Abortion: Women Already Know How it Works

    I do appreciate pro-choice men and their defense of women in relation to abortion, but men have no concept of life as a female human and as icky as the videos of PP execs are, most women are already well aware of all the ickiness involved in being a woman and men have no clue...
  20. meridian5455

    Disgraced Planned Parenthood Official Works For White House Staff…Her ‘Right-Wing’ Ha

    Disgraced Planned Parenthood official Deborah Nucatola’s shocking personal work history is coming to light. Records reveal that Nucatola was employed by a former White House staffer at the time that she was selling aborted baby fetus parts. A staunch political advocate, Nucatola railed against...