1. L

    Kofi Annan death: World leaders honour former UN chief

    3 hours ago Current UN chief Antonio Guterres hailed him as "a guiding force for good" and Russian President Vladimir Putin described a "remarkable person". Ex-US President Barack Obama said Annan had always pursued "a better world". The Ghanaian national served as UN chief from 1997 to...
  2. RNG

    Feeding the World

    A story on the CBC site grabbed my attention and brought to the fore how many people are on the earth and the further potential erosion of quality of life. A hectare is the metric unit of measure for larger areas. 1 hectare = 100m x 100m ~= 2.5 acres...
  3. Helena

    The most Bitcoin-friendly city in the world

    I was a little inclined to put this in the conspiracy forum but meh.
  4. Dittohead not!

    U.S. Is “Most Dangerous” Place in Developed World to Give Birth

    U.S. Is “Most Dangerous” Place in Developed World to Give Birth If you can't afford to leave the country to have a baby, come to California.
  5. DemoWhip

    Six friends devised a secret plot to gay up the World Cup in Russia. It worked.

    Six friends devised a secret plot to gay up the World Cup in Russia. It worked. By Dan Tracer ################################################################################ That's mighty bold but commendable and KUDOS to them for doing that! Lets just hope Putin finally gets the...
  6. The Man

    Migrants made World Cup happen

    Migrant workers the key to Russia's smooth-running World Cup Yeah, those Central Asian workers really do help run the whole economy over there. They do most of the construction work; and that includes most of the Olympic venues in Sochi and also the stadiums for this World Cup They...
  7. The Man

    lol World's best husband or what? :D

    Need a World Cup mural? Russian paints giant portrait of his wife on Moscow wall Ivan and Daria Panteleev The mural :D I support the guy. Good faith him. He could have easily found some young model chick. Tons of such girls from all over the country in Moscow, and from Ukraine and...
  8. The Man

    World Cup a moral dilemma for some Russians

    World Cup 2018: Should I support Russia despite Putin? It is an interesting question... You know, especially after that victory over Spain, all of Moscow was out celebrating as were other cities; and it's great, they deserve it, of course. But, exactly what and who are the people...
  9. Slartibartfast

    Only in a messed up world.

    Tom Daley and his husband announce the arrival of their baby boy Robert - named after the diver's late father - following birth by surrogate mother in the US (as the couple reveal they don't want to know who the biological dad is)...
  10. CEngelbrecht

    Inspired by Trump, the world could be heading back to the 1930s "The US president tears children from parents, and in Europe his imitators dehumanise migrants. We know where such hatred leads" "It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens bit by bit, word by...
  11. BoiseBo

    Bizarro World

    The Trump Administration - Where down is up, and up is down. Reminds me a little of this Seinfeld scene :cool:
  12. The Man

    World Cup Opening, etc

    Saudi fans in Moscow, ahead of the first game, Saudia Arabia vs. Russia, today There was no lack of support for the homeboys either though lmao Russia is winning 3 - 0, btw, for once haha But, more on that game later. Other foreign fans and lots more here...
  13. DebateDrone

    World Cup 2026: United States, Canada and Mexico Win Bid to Be Host

    Awesome!!! The New US President can use the Cup to repair all the damage caused by Trump. 2026 World Cup - US-Mexico-Canada joint bid wins FIFA hosting vote Thank You FIFA for making North America Great Again.
  14. The Man

    US-Canada-Mexico get 2026 World Cup!

    World Cup 2026 goes to U.S., Mexico, Canada despite frayed ties :)
  15. The Man

    International World Cup Police Center

    Russia Opens International World Cup Police Center Computer hall Young policewoman brings golden scissors to Minister Kolokoltsev to cut the ribbon Kolokoltsev being given a tour of the facilities and speaking on stage later Some foreign cops in the audience another...
  16. The Man

    Russian police overstretched by World Cup

    Large numbers of police from Russian cities not participating in the World Cup have been redeployed to help with security at the WC cities, such as this contingent from Tver, being moved to Kaliningrad This has left law enforcement in many non-WC cities understaffed, in some cases -...
  17. The Man

    Will he die before the World Cup?

    Oleg Sentsov's family ask Putin to free him before World Cup Sentsov in happier days, with wife Anna, who still lives in Crimea She divorced him in 2016, citing both their own matrimonial issues (they were indeed separated for awhile before his arrest) and the difficulties her status as an...
  18. BDBoop

    A world in which there are no racists, aka: very fine people

    I see people all the time on the internet, saying racist things, having racist attitudes, and then melting when they are called out for being racist. The most recent discussion I've had involved being told Trump is not a racist. So as far as I can tell? There are no racists. The people saying...
  19. The Man

    Airport theft and the World Cup

    Thieves Steal $11,000 From Legendary Nigerian Footballer Kanu in Moscow Doesn't surprise me at all... Baggage theft by employees has been a looooooong issue in Russian airports, not just Sheremtyevo. Here at Vnukovo, another Moscow airport, baggage handlers are filmed by a security camera...
  20. BDBoop

    Two weeks later: Where in the world is Melania Trump?

    BTSOOM With this kind of MIA time, my guess is recovering from plastic surgery. This is the best bit, though;