1. BDBoop

    A Picture is Worth

    Frequently, someone speaks my mind exactly and I can't just go dropping it in a thread (people get cranky.) Or there is no current thread along those lines, OR I don't want said image to get buried in the middle of a thread. So I am starting a thread like Boop's Soup, only political. Jim...
  2. Sassy

    Fort Worth, Texas pays the homeless to pick up trash

    Yay! $10 hour with paid vacation days and benefits. Amazing. N. Mexico offered something similar to their panhandlers, and they took the jobs too. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/fort-worth/2018/01/27/fort-worth-pays-homeless-help-clean-citys-streets
  3. S

    China plans tariffs on 3B worth of US goods after Trump order.

    China plans tariffs on 3B worth of US goods after Trump order. Refer to https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-N...1951521725671/ I'm among the proponents of USA adopting the trade policy described within Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. It would if not entirely eliminate...
  4. Friday13

    "Pharma Bro's" net worth revealed

    Seven years and $7.4 Million later... Shkreli's net worth finally revealed at his sentencing
  5. Madeline

    How To Get Your Money's Worth From Your Gov't

    Most elders want to stay in their homes until they die. I certainly do! AND they want comfort, pretty decor, safety, convenience, etc. I certainly do! And I am CHEAP. I want FREE stuff, as often as I can get it. This thread is meant to help you identify sources of GOVERNMENT funding you...
  6. Devil505

    My soul is worth more than than a few dollars added to my IRA account

    If the cost of adding a few bucks to my IRA is paid for by millions of Americans losing their healthcare and my children having to pay the huge deficit additions the GOP incurred by paying off rich donors.......they (the GOP) can keep that money and shove it up the asses! I'm not or sale!
  7. Devil505

    Is a better economy for the rich worth selling our soul to the "Dark Side?"

    Somebody is getting rich by following the Trump/GOP's class warfare agenda but it's not you or I. Make no mistake, this is class warfare where the rich are trying to destroy the middle and lower classes. D. Trump and the corrupt GOP are dismantling all the protections we average Americans...
  8. aboutenough

    Black Friday pushes Jeff Bezos’ net worth to $100 billion

    Jeff Bezos‏Verified account JeffBezosFollowFollow JeffBezos More Request for ideas… \\ Being the richest man in the world wasn’t enough. After Amazon shares climbed on Black Friday, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos saw his net worth rise to $100.3 billion, according to Bloomberg...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    November 22, 1963. Worth remembering.

    I haven't seen anything go up today so before the day closes, I thought I would do it. (If I missed it, my apologies). One of my favorites... -- MAY 29, 1917 - NOVEMBER 22, 1963 --
  10. cpicturetaker12

    A PICTURE is worth a thousand words....

    If the soldier signed on knowing this could happen, no one can EVER prepare those who are left behind. It’s a powerful scene, but it’s also an important reminder amid a toxic, tweet-fueled political firestorm over military deaths that threatens to overshadow the real story: those who serve...
  11. Spookycolt

    Is it worth it?

    A serious question we all should ask and not only when a situation arises but even when we discuss it. These will be the consequences. Is it worth it?
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Will AMERICA be worth 4 cents on the dollar like TRUMP's grand TAJ casino??

    This is kinda scary! Remember TRUMP'S grand gold monument to himself? What did Hillary say? How do you lose money on a casino? I've heard of DEFLATION but DAAMN!! You know I remember even way back then that there was much speculation about it was overbuilt, overpriced and could never be...
  13. D

    Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner worth up to $740 million, part of an ultra-wealthy White

    Talk about the rich and famous. But the question is how much do they actually contribute to charity and personally to those in need? And what would Jesus Christ have to say about that? Simply this. "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into...
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    2 BLACK Fort Worth LE chiefs temporarily relieved of command! OVER LEAKED BODYCAM!

    RECALL DEC Arrest of the Black Women? Charges were dropped btw. Bodycam footage and cell phone video show the controversial arrest of a Fort Worth mother and her daughters after she called police to deal with a neighbor who had allegedly put his hands around her 7-year-old son's neck...
  15. Amelia

    Things worth paying taxes for

    A walk in the woods Clean water Police and fire protection Health Your turn
  16. Babba

    One Day's Worth of Scandals and Failures for Trump

    All in one photo.
  17. DebateDrone

    Disrespectful Fort Worth Cop Gets Slap On the Wrist

    Disrespectful Fort Worth police officer— who told a mother making a complaint of assault against her child — she should teach her child not to litter, was suspended for 10 days from work over the incident. Texas Police Officer Suspended For 10 Days Over Woman's Forceful Arrest : The Two-Way ...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    $5MILL worth of liens levied in NOV/DEC against new TRUMP DC hotel by laborsers

    $5MILL worth of liens levied in NOV/DEC against ew TRUMP DC hotel by laborers Same shit, different property!! Seems there are now $5mill in liens for NON PAYMENT against Trump and his new fantastic beautiful hotel that courters of Trump are trooping in and out of for access to power. And of...
  19. the watchman

    WATCH: Video Showing Arrests by Fort Worth Police Sparks Outrage.

    WATCH: Video of Arrests by Fort Worth Police Sparks Outrage | Heavy.com arrested for mouthing off? Is that even against the law?
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Ryan: Access to birth control is "nitty gritty" details, not worth talking about!

    Move over ladies, this is NOT your time. Shut up. For the next 4 years you are just along for the ride, the BOYS have spoken. Stock up on those condoms guys. MANY of you and yours will not be able to afford birth control if it is not covered under insurance. That's fact. The US Speaker of...