1. Peaceful Tree

    Consoles: PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox one, etc

    Does anybody here have any video game consoles? I own a xbox 360 but haven't been online much in a while. I have games like "Call of duty black ops 2", "Battlefield 3 and 4", "Minecraft", "Grid Autosport" and many others. I'm not sure whether to get a PS4, Xbox one or Wii U?
  2. bajisima

    New Xbox console can track your every move

    The new Xbox One with Kinect will come out in November, it is considered to be so sopisticated it can see you and sense your every move..even in the dark..It can monitor your heartrate and sense your emotions.. "What about a game that makes itself more difficult if you look bored? Or throws...
  3. michaelr

    Microsoft Has Hired People To Make Positive Comments About Xbox One On Reddit

    Microsoft Has Hired People To Make Positive Comments About Xbox One On Reddit, Says Redditor Claiming To Be A Contractor - | That's because the new X-Box spies on you 24/7. It's freedom.
  4. jackalope

    xbox 360 Child of Eden

    Bought this game last week for Christmas gift. Not sure if I'm giving it to hubs or daughter, though. Anyone play this game?
  5. Benjamin

    Microsoft raising Xbox Live subscription prices

    Price change for Xbox LIVE Gold subscription - Xbox Live's Major Nelson God dammit! (Nerd rage)
  6. B

    Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

    I remember liberal clowns piling all over McCain (I am not a McCain fan) for not being able to use a keyboard efficiently due to his handicap from his time in Vietnam and their insistence that any modern president must be completely technology immersed. I don't hear them whining now.
  7. T

    Want a $1,100,000.00 xbox?

    But it's special. Sarah Palin signed it. Seriously, I thought it was a joke until the guy answered one of my questions about it. What would you suggest as a fair price for a Sarah Palin–autographed Xbox? Nope, too...
  8. Dr.Knuckles

    Escape from Gitmo - on your x-box. Scottish game developer hires ex Gitmo prisoner as consultant on their "shoot you way out of Gitmo" x-box game. Think about it. You're the detainee and you run around gunning down Americans in...
  9. H

    Xbox 360.......$200