1. knight

    Yay!! Obama fulfilled End Times Prophesy according to idiot Bachmann...yay!!

    In an interview with Religious Right radio host Jan Markell this weekend, former Rep. Michele Bachmann once again claimed that President Obama is ushering in the End Times, this time citing the nuclear agreement with Iran as proof of the arrival of the Last Days. Bachmann claimed that the...
  2. B

    Oh yay. Wingnuts already threatening to shut down govt over Planned Parenthood.

    Wingnuts are gearing up for another government shutdown, this time over Planned Parenthood - Salon.com Sooooo tired of the posturing. So very, very tired.
  3. Blueneck

    Yay! No more flash!!

    Flash. Must. Die. | WIRED I am thrilled to hear this.
  4. J

    Yay Capitalism. Retirement savings managed by private corporations, NO TRANSPARENCY

    Wall Street to Workers: Give Us Your Retirement Savings and Stop Asking Questions - Working In These Times If you are a public school teacher in Kentucky, the state has a message for you: You have no right to know the details of the investments being made with your retirement savings. That...
  5. B

    OMG YAY!! Veronica Mars cast all lined up for a web series!

    http://www.buzzfeed.com/jarettwieselman/the-whole-veronica-mars-gang-is-coming-back-for-a-new-webser I haz a major happy. I love that show. And because this one is not "Veronica Mars" but shares the cast - well. I think it's gonna be pretty damn awesome. Rob Thomas directs.
  6. godlessheathen

    Globalism: Yay or Nay?

    Now, before you answer I understand you may have some prejudice about the idea. I know Jesus wouldn't approve, but ignore that. This is purely secular. How do you feel about globalism? Is it the next step? Should we remain divided into nations that continuously war with one another, more...
  7. Telecaster

    Boehner Leads House to Debt Ceiling Increase, No Concessions. Yay or Nay?

    Congress approves increase in debt limit after dramatic vote Boehner and Joe Scarborough at odds; Morning Joe on msnbc So what do you all think? I think he should have at least tried to get something. But let's be real, it would have been crumbs if anything at all. Scarborough forgets who...
  8. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Genetic testing, Yay or Nay?

    https://www.23andme.com/ Now that genetic testing is really cheap, would you want to have yours checked? 23 and me offers it for $99, give you up to 240 traits, if new data comes out with respect to new gene information, they can update it. You can also get other stuff like ethnic...
  9. TortoiseDream

    Yay I'm 21

    and I still won't drink beer. woo i'm boring!
  10. M

    Yay! Look at what's coming!

    from Jason and written by QCB79 over at the Ron Paul Forums. I've decided that rather than being called naziesque, maniacal, deranged or another one of those whack job Ron Paul supporters that I shall follow the herd much like a lemming and cast my vote not on polices that make sense but...
  11. I

    Yay! New Tax Hikes If Democraps Win!

    Rangel: Tax Increases on the Table if Democrats Win; Possible Tax Increases on the Horizon Tue Sep 26, 6:43 PM ET To: National Desk, Political Reporter Contact: John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform, 202-785-0266 or jkartch@atr.org ; Web: Americans for Tax Reform WASHINGTON...