1. jacobfitcher

    Former New York Assembly Speaker gets 7 years in prison

    NEW YORK (AP) — Sheldon Silver, a former New York Assembly speaker who brokered legislative deals for two decades before criminal charges abruptly ended his career, was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison by a judge who said political corruption in the state must end. The punishment...
  2. Friday13

    New York governor opens door to criminal case against Trump Foundation

    It's really sad that this has taken so long...should have happened before the election. New York governor opens door to criminal case against Trump Foundation Earlier... New York launches tax probe of Trump Foundation
  3. Singularity

    Pelosi protégé/likely successor taken down in New York City by 28-year-old Sandersite

    Anyone who says the Sanders wing is not a major threat to Democratic unity needs to lay off the sauce right the fuck now. This is an unmitigated catastrophe for House Democratic leadership, at least on the scale of Eric Cantor's defeat in 2014 RE: the Republican perspective. It's been slowly...
  4. the watchman

    Breaking: New York AG files lawsuit against Donald J. Trump.

    The New York State attorney general’s office filed a scathingly worded lawsuit on Thursday taking aim at the Donald J. Trump Foundation, accusing the charity and the Trump family of sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential...
  5. Dr.Knuckles

    Jokes Aside - Partie Québécois Leader Suggests Quebec/New York border wall.

    Illegal border crossings from New York into Quebec topped 6,000 this year-to-date, and its more than small Quebec border towns can handle. One Provincial political party leader has a temporary suggestion. Wall an area off to divert people to legal crossing points. These are mostly people who...
  6. aboutenough

    Prominent Gay Rights Lawyer Dies After Setting Himself On Fire In New York Park

    A prominent lawyer who spent years fighting for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people set himself on fire Saturday. David S. Buckel's charred remains were found in a New York park, The New York Times reported. In a letter Buckel emailed to the publication and other media...
  7. Eve1

    New York Newspaper coins perfect Trump nickname

    President Pee Brain Trump, that nickname is going to stick. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/382965-ny-daily-news-cover-hits-trump-over-comey-book-revelations Trump, urine trouble. Trump is hoping for the Noble Pee Prize. Trump is a germaphobe but healthy urine is germ free. I can not say...
  8. O

    London overtakes New York for more murders

    While gun laws in the U.S. have generally been trending towards more recognition of an individual right to keep and bear arms for self defense over the last few decades, beginning with Florida's 1987 "shall issue" concealed carry law which has been emulated by another 40 states now, gun violence...
  9. Babba

    New York US Representative Louise Slaughter Has Died

    RIP https://www.cbsnews.com/news/louise-slaughter-new-york-congresswoman-dead-at-88/
  10. Darkman

    New York Times: Tools of Trump's Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

    Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids By JIM RUTENBERG, MEGAN TWOHEY, REBECCA R. RUIZ, MIKE McINTIRE and MAGGIE...
  11. N

    New York's subway: bureaucracy, cronyism, and unions run amok

    Bureaucratic red tape. Lack of competition. Unaccountable labor unions. It sounds like “waste, fraud, and abuse” that conservatives might fabricate to make the case for free-market reform. But it’s real, and it’s happening in the most famous city in America, as exposed by a bombshell New York...
  12. excalibur

    New York Court Upholds Dismissal of Defamation Suit Against Trump

    Nuisance lawsuit dismissed. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-12/n-y-court-upholds-dismissal-of-defamation-suit-against-trump
  13. DemoWhip

    Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wins 2nd term

    Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wins 2nd term - ABC News By The Associated Press ==================================================== Democrat de Blasio came out blazing with his victory in New York! KUDOS to him on his WIN! New York deserves the best and they've got it.
  14. John T Ford

    Terror Attack in New York City

    Up to six people were killed near Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon in a wild incident that involved a truck ramming into victims on the West Side bike path, police sources said. The mayhem happened at West Street and Chambers Street at 3:15 p.m. The suspect was shot...
  15. Spookycolt

    Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor

    Another liberal coming out and pushing the race card and promoting white guilt. When will these people realize that pushing this ignorant narrative is doing nothing but creating division in this country? Liberals are keeping the race war alive in this nation. Having 'white...
  16. Spookycolt

    What are these metal towers popping up in New York about?

    Nobody seems to know. Its a 100 million dollar MTA project but even the board members don't know what they are for. Is it simply art or maybe something sinister like recording people? Why won't they tell us what they are for? Some say its to use new facial recognition technology...
  17. PACE

    US orders Russia to close consulates in San Francisco, New York, and DC

    Russian Diplomats Expelled: Russian Embassies in NYC, DC, SF to Close | Fortune.com No matter what the clown says, looks like State is going their own way.
  18. L

    How Rent Spikes Are Creating Fine Dining ‘Deserts’ In New York City

    With the imminent closing of Republic, Union Square West—once home to pioneering restaurants such as Blue Water Grill and Union Square Cafe—is turning to a bland stretch of chain restaurants and stores. Here's why. By Kate Krader and James Tarmy July 20, 2017 8:20:49 AM PDT July 20, 2017...
  19. Minotaur

    New York Times Future Pulitzer Prize Winner?

    Hard to say how this will go but the smell of Watergate and Nixon is all over this on the surface. The Trump supporter denials are just what happens in early stages. What will determine the value of this and future public sentiment is further investigation. There is no way to guess anything...
  20. ptif219

    Far Right (and Far Left) Twitter Cheers After Major Correction Issued by New York Tim

    Once again the liberal media show their hate for trump causes them to lie. This shows the liberal media is not news but democrat propaganda. Fake news by the democrat media once again on display Far Right (and Far Left) Twitter Cheers After Major Correction Issued by New York...