1. cpicturetaker12

    Hillary in INDIA in MAR, N. Zealand in MAY-a hobbled 'old lady' sure gets around alot

    You know for a hobbled OLD LADY with a brace and a brain disorder, she sure does do a lot of traveling giving speeches and interviews. A speech and 2 interviews in the past 2 days in NEW ZEALAND along with a little shopping. She was in India 6 weeks ago. She was at some event in NYC 2 weeks...
  2. PACE

    Scott Brown, ambassador to New Zealand, tries to out trump trump

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/26/scott-brown-more-complaints-surface-over-behaviour-of-us-ambassador-to-new-zealand?CMP=share_btn_tw Gets called to the woodshed by state...
  3. RNG

    New Zealand: US diplomat expelled amid police inquiry

    Thumbnail sketch: The police wanted to question some member of the US diplomatic contingent in New Zealand. The request was denied based on diplomatic immunity. The New Zealand government punted the guy. From the article: "However, New Zealand Radio reported the man - who has not been...
  4. Dittohead not!

    Americans Are Applying to Move to New Zealand at an Astounding Rate

    Americans Are Applying to Move to New Zealand at an Astounding Rate NZ has fewer than five million inhabitants, about 1/7 the population of California. It could get a bit crowded there.
  5. Tedminator

    New Zealand to vote on new flag

    New Zealand to vote on ditching Union Flag from country's banner | Daily Mail Online BBC News - New Zealand PM John Key wants flag change vote in 2015 Re-elected Prime Minister John Key said a referendum on whether to change the national flag of New Zealand could be held next year. Critics say...
  6. Pete1242

    Kim Dotcom launches 'Internet Party' in New Zealand

    This is something that is sure to piss off Hollywood, the NSA, the CIA, the NZ govt, and the US govt. Looks like sitting electorate MP's will join the party, so an anti-surveillance and pro internet freedom party will exist after the September 20th election. Looks like the worst nightmare of the...
  7. Pete1242

    New Zealand puts FTA with Russia on hold

    NZ puts FTA with Russia on hold over Ukraine crisis - World News | TVNZ
  8. Pete1242

    New Zealand to reach budget surplus next year

    New Zealand Projects Bigger Budget Surpluses, Cuts Borrowing - Bloomberg Doesn't sound like much, it could easily still be a deficit next year, but far more likely than the Greece one.
  9. Pete1242

    New Zealand government to allow more spying on New Zealanders

    The bill talked about here has become law: Demystifying the GCSB bill: Spies and Lies | Stuff.co.nz Another case of a government that can't keep it's nose out of people's private lives, the government broke the law, so rather than punishing anyone in his government for breaking the law, he just...
  10. B

    Member of New Zealand parliament gives incredibly humourous speech about gay marriage

    If you are for gay marriage, you will love this. If you are against gay marriage, you will love this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pCDEiaoEP2U I wish that more people had this kind of humour.... go watch it. It is totally funny and makes you think.
  11. BDBoop

    New Zealand passes marriage equality

    New Zealand Passes Marriage Equality, Bringing Country Count To 14 | ThinkProgress Maybe someday we can catch up with the forward-thinking countries who have already passed this.
  12. michaelr

    New Zealand, the New Cyprus

    CONTAGION! Depositor Haircut Bail-Ins Spread to New Zealand, Gov't Discussing Cyprus Style Solution for Bank Failure! | SilverDoctors.com Well I said this will be just the sign of the times. It comes here peeps, you wont know it until it does, but it will. The fed, and their paid for government...
  13. sparty

    New Zealand whores

    Hahaa...home of liberalism.:smiley_ROFLMAO: Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts Dozens of traffic signs have been destroyed by prostitutes performing pole-dances in the street to attract clients, officials in New Zealand's biggest city have revealed...
  14. Roshi

    Cigarettes Could Reach $80 Per Pack In New Zealand

    Cigarettes Could Reach $80 Per Pack In New Zealand What a bunch of crazy nonsense. If people want to smoke, let them smoke. The government has no business touching the price of cigarettes or telling people how to treat their bodies. More nanny government telling people how to live. And watch...
  15. B

    HUGE SHRIMPS discovered 7KM under the water near New Zealand

    Holy God, almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JNES2tNPtu4 Here is the write-up over these meal-sized shrimps (amphipods). What the hell is going on at the bottom of the ocean?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  16. R

    The United States New Zealand connection is bad chemicals.

    The Paritutu Story -- How the NZ Government re-wrote history Get the real story about what happened at Paritutu in the 60's and 70's in little old New Plymouth. All referenced links are primary documentation, a rare feat given today's opinion based research. This research archive is thoroughly...
  17. B

    New zealand lesbians need republican insemination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess you could call it a "sperm of the moment" kind of thing, but this is probably one of the most bizarre stories I have read in about 30 years. Bill Johnson (R), former gubernatorial candidate for Alabama in 2010, has been caught anonymously donating sperm to lesbian couples in New...
  18. jackalope

    New Zealand Military Releases UFO Files

    Hmmmm, this could be interesting !!
  19. Charles Stover

    Software will be unpatentable in New Zealand

    - source About time. Now if only something like this would happen in America. Patents are most certainly counter-productive, and I'm glad such large companies realize this.
  20. C

    Canada, Australia and New Zealand are more free than the United States

    Even with our filthy government run health care and bloated welfare systems, according to the most recent Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom. http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking.aspx Free: 100 -80% Mostly Free: 79.9-70% Partly Free: 69.9-60% Mostly Unfree: 59.9-50%...