‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Rushes to Spin Away Boos as Ivanka Trump Emerges for U.K. Presser

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he was saying this....
While complaining about how President Donald Trump’s state visit was being covered by other networks, Kilmeade said the rest of the media just wants to focus on anti-Trump protesters and Trump’s feud with London Mayor Sadiq Khan
...then this happened.
Once Ivanka and National Security Adviser John Bolton emerged, co-host Steve Doocy noticed the audible boos that seemed to greet the pair, prompting Kilmeade to immediately jump in and provide cover for the president’s daughter.

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All women want to be Ivanka and all men want to be with her.

Once they realize they can never have that their emotions turn to hate.

Psychology easily explains this.
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LMAO @ the Daily Beast ........

Ever wonder why Leftist have such a problem with beautiful women like Ivanka?