‘There was no attempted coup’: FBI’s former top lawyer defends Russia probe

Jan 2007
I am frightened we're losing our constitutional republic. Essentially, y'all are insisting there be no check on the executive branch. (As long as a Republican is in that office.)

We are investigating the Justice Dept of the past administration. Checks & balance as you say.
Nov 2018
For those of yo who have refused to open your eyes, yes, there was an attempted coup. Yes, the previous Administration tried to undue an election which didn't turn out the way they planned.

Comey and Brennan are now going after each other and the DemocRATS will be deserting a sinking ship.

Authorities need to keep a close eye on Obama, Lynch, Comey, Brennan and Hillary. Some of them may decide to leave the country.

They know they are in DEEP trouble.

Stay tuned!!!

Prominent Attorney Says Former CIA Director At Center Of Conspiracy To Frame President Trump

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:10 AM PT — Thursday, May 16, 2019

Prominent attorney says former CIA Director at center of conspiracy to frame President Trump | One America News Network
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Nov 2018
In an unverified report, Durham has asked Barr to make sure he orders several handcuffs, as arrests are coming soon.
Also, there is discussion about sending several FBI agents to Obama and Hillary's home at 6:00 am, with arrest warrants.
Jan 2019
It is just going to get better watching the finger pointing!

Obama spymasters point fingers amid Russia probe review: ‘Throwing each other under the bus’Obama spymasters point fingers amid Russia probe review: ‘Throwing each other under the bus’

Comey or Brennan? Dispute erupts over who pushed Steele dossier
Finger-pointing between high-level government officials begins over who pushed the unverified dossier weeks before President Trump's inauguration.
The launch of a formal inquiry into the origins of the Russia investigation -- being led by one of the Justice Department’s toughest prosecutors -- has touched off a new round of behind-the-scenes finger-pointing among Obama administration officials who could have some explaining to do about efforts to surveil the Trump campaign.
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Oct 2014
Nothing. The proof would come with further investigation. But, for obvious reasons, the Trump-Ass-Licker-Society never wants to investigate that further. They'd rather talk about trivia like the IT setup of a former Secretary of State.
Because a ping is nothing... you could ping a Russian server for a wide range of legitimate reasons.

Having top level classified material on a private server; that can range between a felony and a capital crime depending on circumstances.

Here I thought you had something to bring up that was relevant.


Former Staff
Nov 2009
Good talking point, don't know if there's any truth to it or not, though.

The crazier, and more anti Trump the CT, the more some people are gonna want to believe it...
The hired guns that those Russian troll farms used overwhelmingly supported the GOP and Trump, attacking others for years now. There is far more there than a talking point. They are clearly invested in Trump, and so that investment is protected.