‘Totally dishonest’: Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and ‘fake news’

Sep 2012
"When you get good ratings, you can say anything"..."When you're a star you can do anything". He seems to believe that he's still a "reality show star".

‘Totally dishonest’: Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and ‘fake news’
Over roughly the past day, President Trump has decried the "totally dishonest" media, with its "fake news" and "fake books." He has argued that Google is biased against conservatives. And he has accused NBC News of "fudging" the tape of an interview with him that has been available online for more than a year.

The president has even declared there is no chaos in his White House, which he claimed is a ˜smooth running machine with changing parts," despite the tumult that emanates almost daily from within its walls.

Trump's assertions, all on Twitter, some false, some without clear evidence, come just over nine weeks before the midterm elections that could help determine his fate, and they are bound by one unifying theme: All of his perceived opponents are peddling false facts and only Trump can be trusted.

The president and his supporters are under siege, the tweets imply, from pernicious forces conspiring against them.


At a rally later Thursday in Indiana, Trump took aim at the news media, describing them as "dishonest, terrible people" and telling the crowd, "When you get good ratings, you can say anything."

Yet as Trump offers his own version of the facts, his critics see darker motives.


In elevating himself as the truthful authority, the president has repeatedly undermined his own Justice Department, portraying it as corrupt for investigating his campaign and ignoring his rivals. In a tweet Wednesday night, Trump also seemed to contradict his own secretary of defense, implying that even policies from top members of his own administration cannot always be trusted.