10 most expensive fighters

Jan 2007
It's my understanding that the B-52 is currently the cheapest bomber to operate due to its relative lack of sophistication and rather routine operational profile.

On the other hand for intercontinental missions the B-52 often requires two tankers while a B-2 requires only one.
B52 keeps getting upgraded, they are working on new engines. So guess that plane will be here to stay.


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Jun 2010
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Jets like MIG 35 or SU 35 that get sold around to various countries, friendly or not so friendly, wonder how long the jets could stay functional without a constant supply chain of parts and technical information? Like the F14's that were sold to Iran way back, how long were they still usable if & when we cut our ties to them? Maintenance hungry aircraft may not stay flying very long.
In the F-14's case, decades. In fact the Iranian Airforce still uses them..

Iran's US-made F-14 fighter jet getting better and better

Trivia time! The highest scoring F-14 pilot is an Iranian with 8 confirmed and 3 probable kills --> Jalil Zandi - Wikipedia