100's of thousands donate large sums monthy for others healthcare

Jan 2007
Several interesting things to learn from this:

1) In one organization alone over 100,000 people are donating $285 every month for the health care needs of others. Collectively this organization donates more than 60 million dollars per year. And it is not the only one. In fact, if you think that there are not enough like this then you could even start a new one and increase the number of charities giving to others. (I would add that one of the ways this organization works is that it takes care of the needs of members so that each person who donates also gets the equivalent of insurance). These groups are called mutual aid groups.

2) Which brings me to the next point. We first heard that 47 million Americans did not have insurance. Gradually that number got knocked down and down as we learned how many of them were not legal citizens or were rich or whatever until that number eventually became something between 9 and 13 million. So now we learn that with one group alone 100,000 people don't have insurance but they do pay into a plan that takes care of their health care needs. We would only need a little over a hundred groups like this to completely take care of the health care needs of all the uninsured. For all I know there already are a hundred groups like this.

3) This group does not turn anyone away based on health history.

4) This proves that charitable coverage is very doable and very inexpensive. Why in fact most hospitals in the country have a department that offers charitable giving to people who cannot pay. You could donate to the hospital in your town. I suppose large corporations already do but that is not an excuse for you not to.

5) And as a "by the way", in Massachusetts if you belong to a group like this not only are you not counted as insured but you are fined and must pay into the state system that you don't belong to.