1st cloaking device

Jun 2011
Wow. Not just a thing of Star Trek. Right now it is primitive, but this is a major leap forward in "invisibility" technology!!!

First, the video:



Here is a report from NANOTECHNOLOGY. They call it:

"The single-beam mirage effect, also known as photothermal deflection, is studied using a free-standing, highly aligned carbon nanotube aerogel sheet as the heat source. The extremely low thermal capacitance and high heat transfer ability of these transparent forest-drawn carbon nanotube sheets enables high frequency modulation of sheet temperature over an enormous temperature range, thereby providing a sharp, rapidly changing gradient of refractive index in the surrounding liquid or gas."

From TMP Idea Lab:

‘Invisibility Cloak’ Uses Transparent Carbon Nanotube Sheets

"...the practical demonstration of an “invisibility cloak” or “cloaking device” by professor Ali Aliev and his research team at the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas, is a sight to behold..." (that was a video from above)

"The incredible display is achieved by using transparent sheets of carbon nanotubes one-molecule thick, dunked in water. When the temperature of the sheets is increased rapidly by an electrical current, the sheet transfers the heat to the water in its immediate vicinity, causing light rays to bend away from the object behind it, rendering it invisible.
“Using these nanotube sheets, concealment can be realized over the entire optical range and rapidly turned on-and-off at will, using either electrical heating or a pulse of electromagnetic radiation,” Aliev explained to the Institute of Physics (IOP).
That’s the same way “the mirage effect” tricks your brain into thinking there is a pool of water in the middle of the road on a blazing sunny day. The hot road heats the air immediately above it to much higher temperatures than the rest of the air, refracting the light from the sky towards your eye...."


And from Star Trek :) :)[video=youtube;M2Kp0JHhSqI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Kp0JHhSqI[/video]
(The cloaking happens at 0:59)

And just a little bitty German lesson: the word for to conceal or cloak is: "tarnen"
A cloaking device is: "Tarnvorrichtung"

That was your moment of German ZEN for the day.


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Cool. I knew they were working on this. Interesting stuff.