1ST responders emails from P.RICO discuss mass graves in mudslides as Trump denies body count

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This goes along with the other thread rolling but I don't want the details of this to get buried in the other. EVIDENCE. The process of counting 'deaths' post catastrophic event or 'event of war' have protocols, methods and standards. These aren''t wide eyed liberals or conservatives. They use mathematics, averages, statistical sampling, interviews and DEATH CERTIFICATES. It was explained to me in reference to Rowanda and Kosovo after BUSH DENIED 900,000 'excess deaths' in Iraq through 2005. THEY STOPPED COUNTING AFTER THAT!

I got it. Then and now. TRUMP IS A FUCKING MORON NEVERTHELESS AN ASSHOLE. This isn't hard.

First responder emails appear to undermine Trump's narrative on Hurricane Maria


09/13/2018 04:34 PM EDT

Emails released Thursday by congressional Democrats show correspondence between first responders that appears to undermine the Trump administration’s public reporting of the human toll from Hurricane Maria last year.

In one email, dated Sept. 29, 2017, a first responder — whose name has been redacted — describes “finding mass graves in mud slide areas,” and requests counseling support for federal first responders in the area. An unnamed Army National Guard general is included in the correspondence.

Only 16 deaths were publicly acknowledged when President Donald Trump arrived at the island days later to survey damage and meet with local officials. That number climbed to 34 hours after he left.

Independent researchers at George Washington University subsequently estimated the casualties at 2,975, a figure accepted by Puerto Rico’s commonwealth government.

Trump claimed in a tweet Thursday that the death toll from Hurricane Maria had been inflated after the storm. It’s unclear whether he was ever briefed on the discovery of hurricane victims in the U.S. territory described in the documents...

First responder emails appear to undermine Trump's narrative on Hurricane Maria
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Is that like the water issue? Where it was delivered but never distributed and therefore it was Trumps fault?