2011 State of the Union

Jul 2011
Well.. Before you hit on her?? Could you at least teach her which camera to look at when she is talking?? Usually it is the one with the red light on it... Just in case she has never figured that out..
If I was hittin' on her the only camera she'd be interested in would be the ol' peniscam.

Yes, the camera thing was, ah, interesting. On a good note, she did produce some concrete numbers. On a bad note, it was done in a Beckish, rantish manner noting the facts and numbers which supported her position and completely ignoring the ones which did not. Example, bringing up the amount of debt President Obama has racked up but ignoring the fact President Bush had previously doubled it. Her use of fear-monger, highly biased slang such as "Obamacare" instead of keeping it professional worked against her worse than looking in the wrong camera.
....and I'd still hit it.
The camera thing was explained on ABC's GMA.

It seems there were two cameras. One for the TEA Party group that was promoting her speech. The other was from the media pool.

She chose to direct her words toward the TEA Party...not the rest of the country who got the media pool images.

What that means, MM, is that BOTH cameras had red lights on, so your snarky remark is kind of a dud. Oh well.
Feb 2010
Has the Left realized it yet, I think many are getting it after this tired same ol drivel from the President. All this guy is....is a speech.

He's gonna veto any bill that contains earmarks too, did you hear that?

Aerosmith titled a song Same ol song and Dance.


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Jun 2010
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Originally Posted by Tedminator
Heres my recap of any SOTU speech..

POTUS: yada yada yada State of the Union is strong!
Opposition party: blah blah blah We are DOOOOOMED!!
Me: :f_doh:

You should be on CNN.
hehe thanks, hon. but I don't think me slapping myself on the forehead will fill up the time that the 24/7/365 newstertainment industry requires.
Jan 2011
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Thoughts? Speculation? Criticism? Depressing Cynicism?

I thought it was very interesting and inspiring. I found the GOP reply even more interesting. They simply shot down everything the president said. It shows me they will continue to be the party of no and block any progress tried by this administration.