2018 - bad year for Hillary

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Jul 2011
Konstantin Getsati is a self-proclaimed "magician", from republic of Ossetia, in Russian Northern Caucasus

Couple weeks ago, he won the "Battle of Mediums", a popular competition between people with apparent psychic and such special abilities, on the Russian TV channel TNT, this video shows him with the weird ghost hand trophy

The show features mediums, healers, shamans, witch doctors and other such folk from every ethnic group in Russia, competing against each other, the winner and runner up, I believe, collecting the trophy and a hefty financial prize; while the charlatans get exposed in front of the entire nation.

In one challenge, for example, Konstantin was in a parking lot full of cars

Inside one car, in the trunk, a person was hiding; and he had to guess the car; and did, correctly!

And he did it in one try (they all had three overall, I think, with points deducted for each)

I don't know about his supernatural powers, but, as a handsome young man, he certainly attracted a hell of a female following


Anyway, he just made a 2018 future prediction. Says some crazy shit will go down in America, and Hillary Clinton will be at the heart of it all.

She will still not come to terms with her loss to Donald Trump, and will scheme against him, says Konstantin. But, her plots will all backfire on her. They will also create mayhem in the US.

Eventually, someone close to her will reveal some compromising information about her. It will completely destroy her reputation. She will become an alcoholic and her public life will be finished.

That is his prophecy: ?????????? "????? ????????????" ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????????? ???????? ? 2018 ???? | ???????? ?? dayonline.ru

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