2020: DJT's delusion of grandeur in the great state of MN

Jul 2014
And, if that happens to happen, I want the Dems to have a good nominee.

My fave would be a moderate, qualified and experienced, not too old, scandal free, can tell the truth at least most of the time, doesn't promise that everything is gonna be free, willing and able to work with the other side.

Don't see many DenCans who fit that bill, but I'm hopeful.

That said, Williamson is my fave on the debate stage, just for the entertainment factor, dontcha know...
May 2016
Well he is more grand than most candidates though I don't know about his grandeur.
May 2012
By the wall
Actually quite a few analysts are saying that Minnesota may flip because of the weird stuff their state legislature is trying to push on them.

However they are also saying that Arizona may flip so that would be a +1 electoral swing in favor of the democrats. Arizona chances of flipping seem slimmer though so if the democrats lose Minnesota and everything else stays the same it would spell big trouble for whoever the democratic candidate is.

Currently Arizona, Minnesota and Florida are the top swing states that appear to be able to go either way.

After those you have Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Expect the candidates to spend a large majority of their time in the upper Midwest and on the east coast this and next year. Between that they will be flying back and forth from Florida to Arizona with a stop in Nebraska. Can't wait to see Trump again, I went to his last rally and it was pretty fun.