21 Murdered Where Trump Wants Wall

Nov 2013
BTW, is Trump going to run a wall in the river? roflmao
No, he wants to rid the US of the river boarding shore, make it no-mans land (using eminent domain to take the land away from it's rightful owners), and move the "wall" inwards.. in some areas, there will be people living on the "Mexican side" of the border fencing, having to cross the border each time they want to get to the other / US side of their land, gas stations, grocery shopping etc.
A typical Trump approach... therefore, stupid.
Apr 2015
From the link.

The Mexican army found the bodies in a remote area following a tip-off, he said.

And Trump has zero support from Texas lawmakers for his stupid wall.

BTW, why didn't the GOP fund his stupid wall when they had all 3 branches for 2 years?

Can't seem to get a coherent answer here from any of the dear leader supporters here.
Why didn't Obama do immigration reform while he had all three branches for two years.
May 2013
Boise, ID
Thanks,. I have always said the one thing I can do is read and comprehend.

The bodies -- some of them badly burned -- were found Wednesday in the border town of Miguel Aleman, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) from McAllen, Texas, the city Trump was due to visit as he continues his push to build his long-sought border wall.
"We have reports there was a shootout yesterday (Wednesday) between two criminal groups that ended with 21 people dead," the security spokesman for the state of Tamaulipas, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, told Mexican TV news channel Milenio.
"Some of them were burned. Seven vehicles were also located... It was a confrontation between two rival groups that are involved in a turf war over drug-trafficking routes."
The Mexican army found the bodies in a remote area following a tip-off, he said.
Tamaulipas has become one of the most violent states in Mexico as rival drug cartels fight each other for its strategic position on the US border.
Oh heck - 170 miles is a shorter distance than the "239 pound" Trump can hit a sand wedge. Believe me :lol: