25 years after the murders: OJ Simpson - "Life is Fine!"

Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
(Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the slaughter of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. OJ Simpson is reportedly still on the trail....trying to find those rascals who murdered them.)

"LOS ANGELES (AP) — Twenty-five years after the grisly killings that transformed him from Hall of Fame football hero to murder suspect, 71-year-old O.J. Simpson says he is happy and healthy living in Las Vegas, plays golf nearly every day and stays in touch with his children.

“Life is fine,” Simpson recently told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from his home."

AP Exclusive: OJ Simpson says 'Life is fine' after prison

Jul 2014
Almost every person in America knows he did it.

He had better lawyers cause he was rich.

More money equals a much better chance.

It paid off for him...
Since that jury was mostly black, to them it was payback for Rodney King.

I still remember the pictures.

Most people were like WTH? While black people cheered

Not that he ever did anything for black people anyway.

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