3 Principals, 1 Sec Chief Reassigned Away From Parkland For Failures


Former Staff
Feb 2007
Staff members at Parkland where Nikolas Cruz killed 17 are removed after failing to stop the rampage | Daily Mail Online

Three assistant principals and a security chief have been axed over failures to prevent the Parkland mass shooting which saw 17 people massacred.

The staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida are being reassigned over failings in the way the shooting was handled.

The Stoneman Douglas Commission cited a number of failures in school security procedure as well as missed opportunities to stop the killer, Nikolas Cruz, after he was seen searching guns on a school computer.
My .02

These people are charged with protecting our children in some manner or form. If they are not able to protect our children, then they should not be in that line of work. If there are not able to do their job willingly or with purpose then they shouldn't be in that line of work. Right now, unfortunately the public has to take the brunt of this issue and deal with it anyway we can - when in reality it's the institutions, the medical community and apparatus and law enforcement who should be dealing with school shootings, head on. Right now some of the leading advocates for change is victims of these incidents - not the institutions who should be dealing with it.

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